New Years Post

Dear Readers,
I have started this blog in November 2015 and I want to thank all the friendly Bloggers who read my Posts and commented on all of them. I really appreciate that and I am thankful to all of you. A big thank you to

Dauntless Dream you really helped me in the beginning of mycrazyworldofbooksblog you were friendly and nice from the start. I gained more confidence in Publishing my Posts and not thinking they were crap. Thank you.

And I want to thank theambivert123 for liking all of my Posts and commenting and everything. You are an amazing writer and your Blog is awesome. Thanks for following me. You made it a lot easier.

Thank you  keepcalmandlivelaughlove for being so kind in your comments. I like your To-Read-List. There are many good books in it. Your Blog is awesome and great. Well done. You’re doing very good posts. Thanks for following me.

And thank all of you who followed me, wrote wonderful comments and liked my Posts. And also 101 Writing for reading my sometimes miserable poems. Just Thank you.

And a happy New year, a happy 2016 full of new choices, decisions, changes and a lot more.

Bye 2015 hello 2016

See you in the next Year.



All the Major Constellations

Dear Readers,
I know I haven’t written much lately but I am trying. Now I have holidays and time. Sorry for not writing very much. But here’s my new review, which I wrote but then it destroyed itself so I’ll give it a new start now.

This is a young adult non-fiction book. It’s about Andrew who’s about to finish High School, start life, go to College and find his Love. He has a real crush on Laura Lettel who’s in a fundamentalist youth group and has faith in God. For Andrew she’s the most beautiful person in the universe. Everything could be perfect, this could be the best summer of his life. His only friends Marcia and Sara could experience the summer with him and then they would go to different Colleges. But one week before graduation everything changes. After a terrible accident nothing is like before. Will Sara even ever wake up again? How does it feels to be in coma? Is it like sleeping or is it something deeper? Those Questions haunt him and he doesn’t know what to do. But there’s help. Laura offers him friendship and comfort in her youth group. This really helps Andrew for the moment but the only reason why he goes to them is Laura. Or is it more? Should he believe in God? He starts to confront himself with those Questions. And there are some nice guys in the group, he starts to have friends. But if this was his only Problem. His Family doesn’t give a shit about him because they are more interested in his Brother Brian who’s a Lawyer. Only his Mother looks a bit to Andrew and he’s sorry for her. His Father often drinks alcohol and fights with his mother. Brian is an asshole of a brother and makes problems. He tries not to think about Sara and Marcia all the time. He has some Problems believing that Laura is interested in him and thinks she’s probably just trying to convert him. How is it going to end? Is Sara going to wake up? If you want to know what happens next you have to read it. I have to say though that it’s not a book that you normally read but it makes you think. And it somehow tells you how sects work. That they could be dangerous. But that’s my opinion and not very important to know about. Just wanted to give it some personal touch. So if you’re interested read it and if not don’t.
Bye and have a nice last day in 2015.


Dear Readers,
I haven’t written much lately but I had many exams and stuff so I didn’t have much time. Here’s my post for today.

I was terrified, scared and really cried hard after I read Allegiant because I was just so sad that it was finished. But never mind the Book Allegiant will let you see Divergent with an other perspective. Now that there’s nothing where to go, they have to go outside the fence, to those who think this is impossible, it’s not. What they will see will blow their minds. What they will hear will change everything they ever thought was true. They will overthink their society and what has been done. They have to make their final choices their last battles, they have to survive bad people who want to kill them. There are people out there who’ve been watching them. And who is this Girl that Tobias is flirting with? I didn’t really like her. I’d assume neither do you. This is almost too much said. The book will change your thoughts about mankind. So many things are happening in this world. Wars are destroying mankind and the world. People are killed everyday, innocent people die because of war. It’s not fair but it’s what’s happening in this world in the real world. But now I got out of the subject. This is me. Not important. To end that post, the book is so haunting that you almost can’t let the book down. It’s really exciting. Will Tris win her last battle? Read it and find it out . Forget everything that you had to do and read the book. You won’t be disappointed. And you should think of the world and her wars. I think people should more think about the people who need help.

Okay thank you and bye.


A farewell is something
That is sad and happy
At the same time
It’s confusing and clear
At the same time

I said, farewell my love
Now that the time has come
To say goodbye and leave
My love how could I’ve done
I love you for my life
And that will never change

Farewell, my love to you
Farewell the times we had
I never will forget
That you my love are gone
But you’ll be in my heart
Till my last breath is done

The tears are streaming down
Your rosy beautiful cheeks
I tell you we will meet again
Down at the fallen beach.
Your lips will meet my body again
Down where the fairy tale
becomes true at the fallen beach.

But now I say farewell my love
Till we will meet again
This is the story’s saddest end
But this is me and you
One last time I tell you
Three words that blow your mind
One last time I whisper
Three words that make you mine

So here’s my poem for day 10. I know it’s maybe not the best that you’ve ever seen but I post it to let my feelings free. Have a nice day and Bye

Camouflage that keeps us hiding our soul

Camouflage is something
That keeps us hiding
Our wholly soul
But it’s something
That is just natural
It’s just human nature

People love to play it
As a child you just do it
Because it’s a fun game
As an adult you do it to
Keep your soul hidden
behind a dark blanket

Hiding is what we do
To save ourselves and
Save our thoughts to
Make sure that really
Nobody can see our
Thoughts or now what
We are up to.

This is what hiding
Well in that case
Camouflage is about.
This is what life is
About, what this world
Is about. This is camouflage.

So here’s my poem for day 8. And I know it’s a bit late but I had to learn for exams. Have a nice day. Bye

The Art of Graffiti

Graffiti is art,
Maybe sometimes not,
I think it’s really art
not for everyone

I like to walk
Down the streets
See the art
Of life and creativity

Graffiti is bad
Some people say
But do the people
Think about it?

No,Graffiti destroys
It destroys
the country culture
That’s what people say
Who don’t think.

I think there’s
a certain beauty
In Graffiti because
People express themselves

People show what’s
deep in their soul.
They show their feelings
Maybe not always but


Beloved ones

They are there for you
They help you
They laugh with you
They comfort you when your crying

When you are down
They bring you up
When you feel threaten
And betrayed they
Wake up in the middle
of the night to listen
To your problems

That can be people
Who knew you
Your whole life
Like your family
But also people
Who you know
a little time
But they know you
like a Lifetime.

They are comfort
They are happiness
They are the helping hands
They are love
They are really
what matters in the world

They would risk
Their lives to
Save yours
They would do
whatever has to be done
To make your life
as easy as possible

This is what
everyone should have
Everyone should have
Beloved ones

So here’s my poem for day 7. This is what I think are beloved ones. I’d really appreciate it if you’d comment. Have a nice day and bye.

Fallacy of all the human beings

Fallacy is nonsense
Fallacy is true
Fallacy is what
We find in correspondence
And Fallacy is you

Fallacy is craziness
Fallacy is weird
Fallacy is life
Fallacy is the universe
And Fallacy is me

Can I talk seriously
Here where I’m crazy
Can I tell you about
Living in the now
Without doing it myself

This is Fallacy
Fallacy is telling people
To do things without
Doing them yourself
This is it.
This is Fallacy

I know it isn’t really good, but I think this was a difficult subject to write about. Please check it out and comment. Have a nice day. Bye


We all should have freedom
The world is full of slaves
Where is the freedom
It’s nowhere to find
maybe in the waves

We all should have freedom
Even we aren’t free
We are imprisoned without freedom
And even if we are free physically
Then we aren’t free mentally

We all should have freedom
But it does not exist
We all want to be free
But it’s almost impossible
Because we won’t be able
To find it

Freedom is in our hearts
Freedom is in our souls
Freedom is in our lives
But we don’t see it
How could we?

But what is freedom?
Is it being free to
Have your own choice?
Is it being free to
Do whatever we want?

I don’t know what freedom is
I think it’s the choice that
Everyone has to choose.
We can choose whatever we want.
Freedom is how everyone of you
Sees it.

Here’s my poem number 5. I know a bit late but I didn’t have much time yesterday. Sorry. But finally it’s here. Have a nice day all of you.

Seconds of time

Time passes by

Second by Second

A life full of hours

A dream full of minutes

A passion full of seconds


Time passes by

Second by Second

Live every Minute

Enjoy every second

And live in the Now


Time can’t be stopped

This is impossible

Time can be hold on in our heads

And moments can be remembered

Seconds have to be enjoyed

Because we don’t have much time


Time passes by

Second by Second

This is life

This is every hour

Every minute

Every Second


This is my third poem and I hope you enjoy reading it. And don’t forget to comment.Thank ya all. Have a nice day