Dear Readers,
I haven’t written much lately but I had many exams and stuff so I didn’t have much time. Here’s my post for today.

I was terrified, scared and really cried hard after I read Allegiant because I was just so sad that it was finished. But never mind the Book Allegiant will let you see Divergent with an other perspective. Now that there’s nothing where to go, they have to go outside the fence, to those who think this is impossible, it’s not. What they will see will blow their minds. What they will hear will change everything they ever thought was true. They will overthink their society and what has been done. They have to make their final choices their last battles, they have to survive bad people who want to kill them. There are people out there who’ve been watching them. And who is this Girl that Tobias is flirting with? I didn’t really like her. I’d assume neither do you. This is almost too much said. The book will change your thoughts about mankind. So many things are happening in this world. Wars are destroying mankind and the world. People are killed everyday, innocent people die because of war. It’s not fair but it’s what’s happening in this world in the real world. But now I got out of the subject. This is me. Not important. To end that post, the book is so haunting that you almost can’t let the book down. It’s really exciting. Will Tris win her last battle? Read it and find it out . Forget everything that you had to do and read the book. You won’t be disappointed. And you should think of the world and her wars. I think people should more think about the people who need help.

Okay thank you and bye.


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