The five senses tag

Dear Readers,
Yay I have been nominated with The Five Senses Tag. First off I want to thank the wonderful Aspen for nominating me. She’s awesome. Go check her out if you haven’t already . So now I’m gonna have to go over to the next point. Very important Stuff. The Rules.


-Thank the person who nominated you

-For each of the five senses (or as many as you do) describe five of your favourite things having to do with that sense. AKA your five favourite smells, sounds, etc.

-Nominate five other people to do this tag


  • The Sea
  • A bookstore full of old and new books mixed
  • A cathedral
  • Smiling People
  • The Stars


  • Laughing Babies
  • Birds in the trees
  • Someone saying I love you ( sorry Aspen this is the same as yours, I know)
  • The sound of Music ( not the movie/musical) 🙂
  • A certain calmness at  night while looking at the stars


I’m sorry I can’t smell. My nose just won’t let me. So here what I’d like to smell if I could:

  • Roses ( I heard they smell wonderful)
  • Perfume (But I like to be in Perfume stores though,it always looks so nice)
  • Flowers ( I know I’ve already said Roses but Flowers in general too)
  • Food ( I always hear the people say things like: “Oh, this smells so nice of pancakes”)
  • The smell of people ( It’s said that we choose who we get together with by their smell)


  • Pasta ( I could always eat Pasta, everyday. But Of course I don’t do this)
  • Hot chocolate, when curled up in a warm blanket. But anyways I could always drink it
  • Milk, I drink this way too often. But then again there is no too often in this subject.
  • Potatoes, these are just awesome.
  • American Cookies with a Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks

Things to feel:

  • The pages of an old or new book
  • A warm blanket wrapped around my legs
  • Fluffy socks
  • The warmth on my skin in the sun
  • Kissing someone

People who I would more than like to tag:

Thanks for reading. I hope you’re all good.  Bye and have a nice day or night or whatever.



The Problem with forever

Dear Readers,
It’s been about a month that I haven’t written on here. And I’m not gonna say I’m sorry. I’m not. I hope you’re all right. There are Stories that make us overthink our lives and what we have. By reading some stories, we can finally see what live really is about and how lucky we are. We often take loving and caring parents for granted. People that love us unconditionally because of who we are to them. But that book made me realize that it’s not granted. The Problem with forever is sensitizing a certain subject that is still very common, sadly, to many people in this world. And yet it’s often hidden. But away from these thoughts of my messed up little mind to the book that really made me reread the last words over and over again.

Mallory “Mouse” Dodge is 17 and after four years of being home-schooled she wants to do her last year of High School at Lands High in Baltimore. Mallory has had a terrible past as a foster kid in a house where she learned that not making a sound was the best way to survive. In that house where she spent a decade in, she’s had a friend called Rider Stark who’s protected her all that time and took in abuse for when she was in trouble. They were best friends, only them against the world. He promised back then to keep her save forever. She was luckily adopted by the Rivases her loving and caring foster parents. Now she thought all the time she’d never see Rider again after they were split up. But the first person that sits next to her in speech class is, guess who, Rider. Well not the Rider of when they were twelve, but a hot, handsome, protecting and sexy version of it. Mallory can’t believe it neither can he. Problem is: 18-year old Rider has a mean girlfriend. Rider has changed on the outside. But in some ways he’s still the same. As in protecting Mouse whenever he thinks it’s needed. But Mouse has changed too. She’s learned to speak up. Even though it’s hard, a few words are a success. She doesn’t want Rider to protect her anymore. But he still protects her and blames himself for what happened the night they were split up. Soon Mallory realizes that she doesn’t have ‘Just friends’ feelings for Rider but really loves him. Mouse has always been scared that the past won’t ever leave her. That she’ll always be that girl that can’t speak up and can’t be in noisy places. That she’ll be this way forever. But while she’s making progress Riders world starts to fall apart. Will she speak up to those she loves? Will she be the one that picks him up this time? Rider’s got a nice foster home too, but he’s not adopted and he doesn’t really feel home. One fateful night one of his brothers gets in trouble and Rider does what he did then he protects he protects his brother Jayden. Will he succeed saving Jayden?
That book has showed me that live can be taken away so fast and that we shouldn’t take everything for granted because it’s not. What made me think was the relation to The Velveteen Rabbit. You probably know the story if not there will be soon a post about it. It’s about a rabbit that wants to be real. Which means it wants to be loved and cared about. That’s it’s biggest wish. In the book The Problem with forever there’s a relation between the characters and said rabbit because all these years Rider and Mallory wanted to be loved by someone when they weren’t. The last sentence made me think. Here it comes. ” Forever was simply a promise of more. Forever was a work in progress. And I couldn’t wait forever.”
And When I read this I thought it’s so true. There’s also one thing I learned reading this book. It’s all about trying in live. It’s not about failing or succeeding. It’s about trying. Because it doesn’t matter if you fail. It just matters that you try. And what’s also something important to know in live is that you have a choice whether you believe in what people think or if you do your own thing. You don’t have to feel embarrassed, for example, when you give a presentation in speech class. It’s only embarrassing when you let it be embarrassing. Alright this was a long post for an awesome book. Just read it. You won’t regret it. Thank you for reading this. This book just made me realise how lucky I am. I hope you guys enjoyed this and it somehow brought the message in. Have a nice day or night or whatever.