18th Birthday and back for a little moment with a MacBook Air

Dear Readers,
Since yesterday I am 18 years old. I can’t believe it. Time went by so fast. An Adult. Me? I guess so. But the weird thing is, nothing changes much. Except you can now pay bills, vote and be responsible. Well much has happened in these 18 years. And when you’re a little kid you think 18 is the age where everything changes. The age where that one love comes, the good one. The one that stays. But growing up isn’t as exciting as it used to be. I used to believe everything would just work. And all the problems would be just gone. But as a child you believe in Santa as well. Don’t get me wrong here. I am extremely excited that I am 18 now. And I still can’t quite believe myself saying that. But it’s just that I didn’t have that much time to realise that yet. Life is so exciting,
as Peter Pan would say: To live would be an awfully big adventure. As is growing up. I am not grown up yet. It will take some time. You don’t grow up over night, it takes time. But now I am legally grown up. And you do that over night. And everybody asks you how it feels. And you just say old or tired because of the Birthday Party you had at the weekend. But when you think about it, you don’t know the answer. I just wanted to thank everybody for encouraging me my whole life. Thanking them for being there when I needed them. For laughing and crying with me. For simply existing and being a part of my life. And thanks for hugging me, even if you didn’t like it. And most of all thank you my parents. You shaped me and made me the person I am today. You always supported me and I am glad you still do. Thanks to my friends, for I couldn’t live without them. And for they’ve been there all the way. And I mean all sorts of friends. I mean my real life friends and of course you Aspen. You were and are great. Will be I suppose. Thank you all. I love you. And I wouldn’t want to be without you. It’s kinda late right now so I should probably get some sleep. Goodnight y’all. Thanks for reading. I know it’s not much, but it is what it is. Sleep well or have an awesome day. Bye. Yours Gioia
PS: I got a MacBook Air for my birthday. Thanks again Mom.
PPS: I will write soon. Believe me. After Biology exam.


How well do we know each other? Collab with Aspen

Dear Readers,
This is my first collab post ever and I am so glad to do it with the wonderful Aspen from Aspenakatheauthor she’s great. If you don’t follow her yet do it now. Since Aspen and I have been writing on Hangouts for a long time now, we thought that it might be time for a How well do we know each other? Post. She sent me 7 questions and I sent her 7 questions. Now I’ll try and answer her questions.
Aspen: What is my mom’s name?
Me: It’s Sandra, which is funny since it’s my mom’s name as well.
Aspen: What is our favorite game to play together? (Like you and me)
Me: Definitely the rant game. You showed me some time and I just love that game.
Aspen: Who is my best friend?
Me: Since I’ve heard from a few friends but one came up especially often I’m gonna go for Lauren.
Aspen: What is my religion?
It’s Mormon. Or that’s what I’d remember anyway.
Aspen: What is something I’m scared of?
Me: That one is tricky and since I don’t really know I’m just gonna guess getting killed in your sleep. Which is why you sometimes sleep facing the door.
Aspen: What is something that I think is beautiful?
Me: The stars, thunderstorms and rain.
Aspen:  When we meet, where’s one place I said I would take you?
Me: That one is kinda tricky as well. But I’d go for a trip to bear lake. And a starry night. 
Aspen: Extra question. What is my eye color?
Me: I’d say they’re pretty dark at night but in the sun they seem to shine with a certain glow.

That’s it. For now. I hope I haven’t done too bad. Well I tried my best so it’s gotta be enough.

Bye have a nice day, night or whatever