All the Major Constellations

Dear Readers,
I know I haven’t written much lately but I am trying. Now I have holidays and time. Sorry for not writing very much. But here’s my new review, which I wrote but then it destroyed itself so I’ll give it a new start now.

This is a young adult non-fiction book. It’s about Andrew who’s about to finish High School, start life, go to College and find his Love. He has a real crush on Laura Lettel who’s in a fundamentalist youth group and has faith in God. For Andrew she’s the most beautiful person in the universe. Everything could be perfect, this could be the best summer of his life. His only friends Marcia and Sara could experience the summer with him and then they would go to different Colleges. But one week before graduation everything changes. After a terrible accident nothing is like before. Will Sara even ever wake up again? How does it feels to be in coma? Is it like sleeping or is it something deeper? Those Questions haunt him and he doesn’t know what to do. But there’s help. Laura offers him friendship and comfort in her youth group. This really helps Andrew for the moment but the only reason why he goes to them is Laura. Or is it more? Should he believe in God? He starts to confront himself with those Questions. And there are some nice guys in the group, he starts to have friends. But if this was his only Problem. His Family doesn’t give a shit about him because they are more interested in his Brother Brian who’s a Lawyer. Only his Mother looks a bit to Andrew and he’s sorry for her. His Father often drinks alcohol and fights with his mother. Brian is an asshole of a brother and makes problems. He tries not to think about Sara and Marcia all the time. He has some Problems believing that Laura is interested in him and thinks she’s probably just trying to convert him. How is it going to end? Is Sara going to wake up? If you want to know what happens next you have to read it. I have to say though that it’s not a book that you normally read but it makes you think. And it somehow tells you how sects work. That they could be dangerous. But that’s my opinion and not very important to know about. Just wanted to give it some personal touch. So if you’re interested read it and if not don’t.
Bye and have a nice last day in 2015.


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