What’s the reason?

Why are we here?
Is there a purpose?
Is there a reason why?
Or are we just here because?

Questions all the time
No answers, no ideas
We’ll never be able to
Answer those Questions

Do we have to answer them?
Or maybe it’s just one of those
Things that just are
without a purpose.

We’ll never be able
to answer those questions.
And yet we ask them everyday
Because it’s just us.
It’s what we’re supposed to do.

We’ll never know why
We’ll never know who
We’ll never know what
We won’t even know when.

It scares us
We’re not in control
And no matter how hard we try
We’re running into a wall so thick
We can’t break it.

We’re just here
And some days it’s
clear like a blue sky
We’re just here to be here.

We’ll never know. But I believe whatever happens we’ll be okay. Because we’re alive and we’re now. So let’s try to live here. Not be sacred about the future and what might happen if, only scares the hell outta us. We should be here. Who knows what’s waiting for us tomorrow. It doesn’t matter. Because we can control today and tomorrow we’ve got another chance. Life is full of second chances. Maybe this is the purpose. For us to find out how to learn from our mistakes. How to live with them. How to live with our choices and with the consequences. To figure out how to live. Maybe, maybe not. We should just live and maybe we’ll find out by just living. Have a nice day.
Carpe Diem. Live! Bye 🙂


18th Birthday and back for a little moment with a MacBook Air

Dear Readers,
Since yesterday I am 18 years old. I can’t believe it. Time went by so fast. An Adult. Me? I guess so. But the weird thing is, nothing changes much. Except you can now pay bills, vote and be responsible. Well much has happened in these 18 years. And when you’re a little kid you think 18 is the age where everything changes. The age where that one love comes, the good one. The one that stays. But growing up isn’t as exciting as it used to be. I used to believe everything would just work. And all the problems would be just gone. But as a child you believe in Santa as well. Don’t get me wrong here. I am extremely excited that I am 18 now. And I still can’t quite believe myself saying that. But it’s just that I didn’t have that much time to realise that yet. Life is so exciting,
as Peter Pan would say: To live would be an awfully big adventure. As is growing up. I am not grown up yet. It will take some time. You don’t grow up over night, it takes time. But now I am legally grown up. And you do that over night. And everybody asks you how it feels. And you just say old or tired because of the Birthday Party you had at the weekend. But when you think about it, you don’t know the answer. I just wanted to thank everybody for encouraging me my whole life. Thanking them for being there when I needed them. For laughing and crying with me. For simply existing and being a part of my life. And thanks for hugging me, even if you didn’t like it. And most of all thank you my parents. You shaped me and made me the person I am today. You always supported me and I am glad you still do. Thanks to my friends, for I couldn’t live without them. And for they’ve been there all the way. And I mean all sorts of friends. I mean my real life friends and of course you Aspen. You were and are great. Will be I suppose. Thank you all. I love you. And I wouldn’t want to be without you. It’s kinda late right now so I should probably get some sleep. Goodnight y’all. Thanks for reading. I know it’s not much, but it is what it is. Sleep well or have an awesome day. Bye. Yours Gioia
PS: I got a MacBook Air for my birthday. Thanks again Mom.
PPS: I will write soon. Believe me. After Biology exam.

The Blue Sky Tag and back after about two months

Dear Readers,
Yeah, I still exist. Hard to believe, I know. The last two months have been extremely stressful. But it was worth is, because finally my grades are up again and if I keep doing as I am right now I will pass this semester. Hopefully.I know that I’m a terrible blogger. And I am even worse at keeping my blogging promises. But there’s always a time for everything. I haven’t read a book in ages. It’s actually quite sad but as I said there’s always a time for everything. So, I was awarded with the “Blue Sky Tag” by Aspen today and I really want to thank her for doing so. I still don’t believe I deserve it Aspen, but thank you though. I am really looking forward to answering all those questions and nominating 11 other awesome bloggers. Now let’s move on to the rules.

There they are:

  1. Thank the person (people) who nominated you.
  2. Answer their 11 questions.
  3. Tag 11 people.
  4. Give them 11 questions to answer.

Now you know what’s going on so, let’s begin:

1.Were you a cute or ugly baby?
I don’t want to sound arrogant. Really I hate it. But I’d say I was a really cute baby. Well not the moment when I was born, I actually think I looked pretty ugly but who doesn’t. Not wanting to be mean.
2.Would you rather live in the times of the Old West, or medieval times?
I’m not totally sure but I’d say the Old West. Actually it would be neither of them but if I had to choose, which I obviously have to right now, I would live in the Old West. Reasons why: The medieval times were so dark and there was so much death and destruction. As a woman you almost had not rights. And the ways to die were much more horrible than in the Old West. Plus they could ride on horses and Men fought for Women( okay maybe they didn’t but I like to think so).
3.If you could only have sweatshirts or sweatpants which would you pick?
That’s a hard question. Really. Because I love both. But I’d take the sweatshirts. Because they are so comfy and you still don’t look as if you slept with it( which I’ve actually already done). But I love Sweatpants as well. I could walk in them the whole day. So that one still goes to Sweatshirts.
4.If you could know 1 thing about the world what would it be?
Your questions are extremely tricky, but that’s what I love about you. I’d love to know if the myth about the Bermuda triangle is really true and why.
5.Least favorite food?
Fennel and Ginger-Tea. I know, weird.
6.A song you can’t stand but always sing when it comes on.
“Life is Life” by Opus. I hate this song. Totally hate it. We’ve had to sing it since 1st grade. Well we used to sing it from 1st grade til 4th grade. And then in 9th grade with this super weird and funny teacher last year. I totally hate this song but can’t do anything but sing it if somebody starts.
7.What do you call hair elastics where you live? (i.e. ponytails,etc)
We call it “Haargummi”. I know that sounds weird but it’s German(I’m from Switzerland). And ponytail is “Pferdeschwanz”.
8.Favorite scent of soap?
Tricky one for I can’t smell. Was never able to, since I was a little child. So I won’t be able to answer that one. Sorry. But I’m sure I’d like tangy because I like the German word for it( “herb” if you’re interested).
9.At the beach would you rather stay playing in the sand or actually swim?
Swim. Definitely. I love to swim. Of course I like playing in the sand, but I prefer swimming. I love the feeling you get when you’re swimming, it’s so freeing. I love that feeling. Because it makes you feel alive. And I love it.
10.If you could move to another country, would you? If so, where?
I guess America or England or Ireland. I can’t decide. I’m the worst at deciding anything. At least some English speaking part of the world. But I’m not sure if I would, because I’d probably die of homesickness first. I love my home too much. Well there’s still time I guess.
11.If you had the ability to teleport to 1 person right now, who would it be?
Apparently you. I’d teleport you right now and you’d sit here next to me on the couch, watching a movie. And I’d hug you and we’d actually talk. And I’d give you your birthday present tomorrow. And I’d be so happy to meet you.

So these were my eleven answers and I hope you like them. Here we go with the questions.

1. What’s your favorite book?
2. Favorite place to visit?
3. Your best day? What did you do on it?
4. Happiest Memory?
5. Worst song?
6. If you had a superpower which one would it be and why?
7. If you had the ability to fly, where would you go?
8. If you could know one secret about the universe, which would it be?
9. Would you rather be invisible or be seen by literally everyone?
10. What would you do if you were told that this was your last day on earth?(No restrictions)
11. If you could bring someone dead back to life and ask one question, who would it be and why?

My Nominees are:

I hope you’re all great and well. I love you all. Really, truly, deeply.
Bye and Goodnight or good morning. See ya.

Q&A answers

Dear Readers,
I know you may not remember me, but I do remember you. So I just wanted to tell you guys that I’m back. And yeah I sure as hell haven’t forgotten the Q&A answers. I’ve just been busy with school. And yeah it’s stressing. And yeah I’m scared I won’t get it sometimes. But who isn’t? I hope you’re all doing great. And I can’t do more than apologise for not being here. I hope you can forgive me one day. Because you’re important to me. And I don’t want to lose you. So keep that. Now let’s move on  to the Q&A answers. I know it’s been a long time. But I keep my promises. So let’s do it. Your questions were awesome.
Here they are with the answers of course:
What are some of your favorite books?
Truth be told I can’tell decide. But if I’d have to, I’d pick The Luxen-Series, the Divergent-Series and The Perks of being a Wallflower. 🙂
If you could travel 1 place where would you go?
America. I know it’s a continent but. 🙂
-What is your favorite thing to spend money on?
Honesr? Books. And sometimes Starbucks Charamel Macciato.
-If there was a book that contained everyone’s opinion of you, would you read it?
No. I wouldn’t want to. Because their opinions are theirs. And that’s okay.
-If you could visit anyone in the world, who would it be?
Aparrently it’d be you. And about a billion of dead writers.
do you collect anything and if so, what? what’s the last song you listened to?
I don’t collect anything. Well I collect all the letters and cards I’ve ever gotten but I don’t know if that counts.
Answer two: Tugboat by Galaxie 500. I know it’s old hut I just love old music.
free food or free travelling?
Free travelling. No doubt. But the time for it had to be there too. 🙂
What is the one place you really want to visit?
As I said before I really would like to visit America. And I’d love to visit the Yosemite National park in California. Petersburg in West Virginia. And Chicago.And Nevada.
Which is your favourite genre of books and why?
I love fantasy and love stories. But I love YA Novels as well as Classics. I know you said one but I can’t decide. I can’t say why. It’s just a great place to get away from everything and everyone. You’re just in that world. Away from it all.
Train of thoughts
1. If there was book containing the secrets to your future, would read it, why?
I wouldn’t. I love surprises. And I wouldn’t want to know how I die. And when. Because I am still trying to figure out how to live in the now. So that’s okay.
2. Favourite book?
How am I supposed to know that? But I’d say again:The Luxen-Series, the Divergent-Series and The Perks of being a Wallflower. And TKAMB.
3. Favourite food?
Pasta Pesto. No doubt.
4. When do you think you will stop blogging?
I really don’t know.But I don’t think I’I’ll ever stop. I might just make bigger breaks but never stop. Maybe when I’m dead. 🙂
Allanas World
Whats the first thing you saw this morning?
My Alarm clock. And the temperature outside. Which made me want to stay in bed. But I didn’t. 😉
What is the weather like?
Freezing but sunny.
Where is your dream house located?
In my dreams. I don’t know yet. Somewhere in the world where there’s always stars.

I hope you liked my questions and that you can forgive me one day for not blogging much lately. Love y’all. Take care and have a wonderful Pre-Christmas time.
Yours truly,

Happy First Blog-anniversary !


Hey Guys,

This was how I started my first blog post. And I really didn’t know anything about blogging back then. I’ve got to admit I still don’t know everything about blogging but I’d say I’ve improved. This was how it first started. I had read one of my favorite books once again in which the main character is a blogger. She’s got a blog about, big question, books! So, one morning I thought ( actually a year ago), why don’t make a blog? Why not just try it? As you all know, I did. I had now idea how to write good reviews, and I don’t want to be arrogant here, but I think I’m much better than in the start. A lot of things changed. Life changed, High School started, interests changed and I have changed myself. But that’s good. Because this is why life’s interesting. Because there are changes. I didn’t think that many people would like my blog. There are so many other book bloggers that are so much better than me. But that’s not what it’s about, right? It’s about that each blog, person or being is unique and great in it’s own way. I wouldn’t have dreamed about having 100 followers. People that were actually reading what I thought and liking it. And I am so thankful to all of you. You helped me through very shitty times, and you were happy with me in the good times. I’ve learned so much with you. And about life. I’ve found friends  on here that will possibly last a lifetime. Especially one friend that I gladly count as one of my best friends, even though I’ve never seen her, never talked to her for real, she knows some things about me that not even my closest friends know. Or they do know about it but not that deeply. I’m really looking up to her. She’s so strong. And I feel like she really gets me. In a way I don’t even get myself. Go check out her blog if you haven’t already she’s great. It’s Aspen and if you read this, Aspen, know that I am glad to know you. I can’t believe how fast a year can go by. How many things can change in 12 months. It seems like a long time for the waiting, for those who look back it’s gone too fast. That’s how it works. It’s been a year that I have started this blog and I am so happy about it. Thank you all. THANK YOU!!!

Today I celebrated with my friends. And as you can see, there was even cake. It was a small celebration but it meant much to me. As I can’t celebrate with you in person I will do it in a Q&A post. Don’t worry, it will be there soon. But to do a Q&A there have to be questions, you can ask whatever you want to know except too personal stuff like address, Name, family. Well you can ask them, I just won’t answer them. As a present for you, you can write me any suggestions you’d like to hear as well as book reviews you’d like to hear. I hope you are all great and that life’s going well for you. I hope you all love yourselves. I want you to know that you deserve to be happy, because everybody of you does. I’ve always believed in the good of people, when I was little I used to think that nobody was born bad so they had to have something good in themselves. I still believe it, most of the time. But there’s bad people too, people that hurt you, people that are happy when they see you crying. Everybody has to learn that. In one way or another. But please don’t give up on believing in the good,even if it’s hard sometimes. Don’t give up on people and don’t give up on yourselves. I want you to be happy about the small things and cry if something makes you sad. Never be ashamed of crying. Crying shows that you are strong. Because crying shows you don’t lie to others or yourself when you feel shitty. You simply are yourself. And last but not least Be yourselves. If people don’t like the real you they don’t matter and the ones that like the real you won’t mind flaws.Because after all, we’re all humans.

I am glad to have you all and to have kept this blog. Have a nice day, night or whatever time it is.


4 fact survey

Hey Guys,
I have been nominated for the 4 fact survey by lovely Muse. Go check her out she is awesome. Thank you so much again Muse. Now let’s get things done.

4 names people call you other than your real name

  • Sweetie says my mom
  • My sister calls me crazy names for fun
  • Mostly my real name but sometimes my friends call me Girl next door
  • And well Radio- Gioia because I talk too much

4 jobs I’ve had

  • I once volunteered as a reader in a retirement home
  • I once volunteered at a book shop and a library
  • Going to High School (that is a job I suppose)
  • blogging 😜

4 movies I’ve watched more than once

  • that’s a hard one a The Fault in our Stars
  • The perks of being a Wallflower
  • Divergent
  • The Spectacular Now

4 authors I recommend 

  • John Green
  • Veronica Roth
  • Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • Frewin Jones

4 places I’ve visited 

  • Djerba in Tunesia
  • Bretagne in France
  • Cyprus in Greece
  • London in England

4 things I’d rather be doing right now 

  • Studying for a history exam
  • Going out for a walk
  • Trying to make myself feel better
  • Reading

4  foods I’d rather not eat

  • fennel
  • tripe
  • seafood
  • spicy food

4 of my favorite foods

  • Pasta with Pesto
  • Chocolate
  • Milk
  • Eggs

4  Tv shows I watch 

  • Friends
  • How I met your mother
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Doctor who

4 things I’m looking forward to this year

  • End of the freshmen year ( holidays)
  • Summer
  • Visiting London in summer holidays
  • Sophomore year

4  things I’m always saying

  • What the hell ?
  • I’m fucked up !
  • I love you
  • Hey, how are ya?

4 People I wanna nominate

  1. Nimitode
  2. Aspen
  3. Luna
  4. Jerrod

And anyone that hasn’t done this survey yet but wants to.

I wish you guys an awesome day night or whatever.

Yay my second post from my new Home

Hey Guys,
Sorry for my last Post. It was very dark. And it wasn’t a very happy post. But right now I’m happy. And right now I want to smile, maybe even laugh. Because, see I want to live it and I want to remember it right now. I hope you guys are all doing fine. And I hope your finals or what it is you call it are going well. What are you guys all up to. I’d love to know you guys better. So if you just want to chat a bit you can just write. How are you? And you? You all. I am happy about you guys. And I’m just happy anyways. Soon there will be a book review again. But I won’t say when. Because I’m gonna give myself time.And I’m gonna do it when I feel okay. Yeah. Goodnight or good morning Guys. Bye