Beloved ones

They are there for you
They help you
They laugh with you
They comfort you when your crying

When you are down
They bring you up
When you feel threaten
And betrayed they
Wake up in the middle
of the night to listen
To your problems

That can be people
Who knew you
Your whole life
Like your family
But also people
Who you know
a little time
But they know you
like a Lifetime.

They are comfort
They are happiness
They are the helping hands
They are love
They are really
what matters in the world

They would risk
Their lives to
Save yours
They would do
whatever has to be done
To make your life
as easy as possible

This is what
everyone should have
Everyone should have
Beloved ones

So here’s my poem for day 7. This is what I think are beloved ones. I’d really appreciate it if you’d comment. Have a nice day and bye.


3 thoughts on “Beloved ones

    • A few of the people on the list are, most important to me,my family. And my friends. But I haven’t find one who, like I described in the poem, knows me not my whole life but would do whatever has to be done. But I know I’m young and I have to be patient. It will come a time when I’ll find the love like in my books. Until then I’ll have it in my books. But that’s okay. So have a nice day. Bye 🙂

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