The way it goes

Dear Readers,
How have you all been lately? I’m actually thinking more about you than I may show. I know I’ve been a terrible blogger lately. And there’s no excuse only the hope that you can forgive me. Drama queen is talking. But yeah. This blog has been through a few changes. Well actually only one change. I haven’t been writing about books lately. There’s just a lot going on in my mind. And I haven’t been able to concentrate on something for a long time. My mind was always circling around other things. Now I have holidays and I hopefully will write more. For real this time. And I was thinking. In about a month I’ll have my first blogversary, it’s going faster than I thought. I wanted to ask you guys if you wanted me to do a Q&A. I’ve never done this before but as it’s something very important ( your blog doesn’t get 1 every day)I thought It’d be a good day to start. Please tell me in the comments if you want me to do one. Please. I hope you didn’t get tired of my talking. You can tell me to shut up if you want me to. I talk too much, I know. But I think it’s okay, if it’s not it’s fine. I am a confused person by nature, at least that’s what my friends say. But I like to think that I am just thinking much more than they are. I guess that’s all for today, even though I don’t want to stop right now. But I’m just so tired. And I can’t keep writing because soon you’ll be so bored of my writing you will fall asleep.
Bye I guess


It sucks

Dear Readers,
You’re right. Sometimes it just sucks. And that’s never going to change in humans history that hasn’t been written yet. But that’s okay. And it’s okay because it’s something nobody can change. So we just have to accept it. That’s the way it is. What’s weird is that right now I’m not sad or anything, I just am. And I think I want to keep this moment. So if I am sad I can look at this and remind myself that it’s just life. And that it goes on. Freaking hell. Love will always stay. Even if we don’t want it to, it will. And if we keep trying to un-love certain people it will break us apart. Every single day. And believe me it hurts like hell. So please just accept what you can’t change. Because I wouldn’t wish such a pain to my worst enemy. Alright I’m being a bit of a drama queen right now but hey, this is kinda a part of me. If you can’t cope with that, it’s your problem. Life is something so interesting. Something you could take away every second, but you don’t because you remind yourself of the people that do care about you. And there always are. Each of you is awesome and unique their own way. I hope you all love yourselves and treat others like you would like to be treated. Be open. And hell, talk to strangers on the streets. Only yesterday there was a woman on the streets and she tried to sell me and a friend, raw chocolate cakes. She talked about the chocolate and then we drifted off into a talk which went about 30 Minutes. At the beginning of the conversation I didn’t know that woman at all. Half an hour later I knew she was Australian, I knew several views of her about life and I knew that she didn’t watch TV often. That talk meant so much to me. It showed me that the world isn’t all cruel. That there are people that don’t make you feel crazy and weird at all. And that’s it. I guess that’s it for today. It’s kinda late. I hope you know that I care about all of you. If you didn’t yet, you do now. I wouldn’t know what to do without you. I’d probably curl up under my blanket and stay there for a year. But before a year would be over, I’d be over. Just technically. Well I’m writing pretty dumb stuff right now so I’d rather go to sleep than talk you, as my mom would say, at a wall. It basically means talking too much. How are you all? If you need help with anything feel free to contact me. Good Night and sleep well. Bye

PS.: If you’re reading this in the morning then I wish you a wonderful day.

She’s falling

Don’t you see

She’s falling

Don’t you hear her

She’s screaming


She’s falling

She’s trying to

Get a hold of

Something solid


But her hands

Can’t seem to reach

It, because there’s

Nothing left to hold


Her everything is

Gone forever, there’s

No turning back

Not now, not tomorrow


I want to keep

her from falling

But I can’t

I won’t stop her.