First Post after a month of silence

Dear Readers,

I know that I’ve let you down. But I am back. That’s the only thing I wanted to tell you. Please understand if I am only going to post once a month for a minimum. I know this isn’t much. And I know you might be impatient by now. But I have to keep it to a minimum because I failed last semester.  This doesn’t mean that i’m out of High School but it means that I might get kicked out if I fail next semester and I really can’t do this. So I’ve gotta get better. Which means I’ll have to get better grades. So I’ll have to study more effectively than last semester.  Sorry for letting you down. And I know you might think I’might dumb but I’m not. At least I hope I’m not. I hope you don’t hate me now. Right now I’m in NYC. We’ve got holidays. But they end on Monday. So on Monday there’ll be school again. But I’ll make a post next Sunday for sure. I was thinking I could make some sort of Journal. Let me know what you think in the comments. Thank you in advance.  I know this isn’t much right now, but I’m writing this from my cell phone so I guess it’s okay.  I hope you are all doing good. You guys are the best. Keep your heads up and keep on going. You’re stronger than you think you are. And smarter than you may think you are. I guess I’ll stop it right now. So goodbye. Have a nice day or night or whatever time it is where you live.

Bye 🙂