I’ve got it

Dear Readers,
You know that feeling when you’re just sad and everything seems to be going wrong. And I know you do. It’s been very stressful lately and right now I’m supposed to do arts homework. But I thought why don’t just pop up and say hello. I miss you guys. I fucked up in some exams. Sorry for swearing. I just feel pretty upset right now. It’s just that I know that I can’t help everybody that I care about. I know that I can’t make everybody that I care about happy. But I want everyone to be happy. And it’s making me sad when I see people suffering. Especially people I care about. But I shouldn’t give it too much space. I know that I shouldn’t, I do, it’s just hard sometimes, you know. I love books. So I should read more of them. I will when I’ve got time. And I’ve got it. I’m feeling very good. And I’m not sad. Or anything. And that’s what I’m pretending. I say I’ve got it. But in fact I haven’t. Not right now. But I’m alright. And I’m gonna be fine. And I hope you guys are all alright. I hope you’re good. Life’s strange. And there happen so many things. It’s like Peter Pan said: And life would be an awfully big adventure.
Alright. This ain’t a long post. Not too much time. So I guess I’m gonna say Bye for today. Have a nice day, night or whatever.


4 fact survey

Hey Guys,
I have been nominated for the 4 fact survey by lovely Muse. Go check her out she is awesome. Thank you so much again Muse. Now let’s get things done.

4 names people call you other than your real name

  • Sweetie says my mom
  • My sister calls me crazy names for fun
  • Mostly my real name but sometimes my friends call me Girl next door
  • And well Radio- Gioia because I talk too much

4 jobs I’ve had

  • I once volunteered as a reader in a retirement home
  • I once volunteered at a book shop and a library
  • Going to High School (that is a job I suppose)
  • blogging ūüėú

4 movies I’ve watched more than once

  • that’s a hard one a The Fault in our Stars
  • The perks of being a Wallflower
  • Divergent
  • The Spectacular Now

4 authors I recommend 

  • John Green
  • Veronica Roth
  • Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • Frewin Jones

4 places I’ve visited¬†

  • Djerba in Tunesia
  • Bretagne in France
  • Cyprus in Greece
  • London in England

4 things I’d rather be doing right now¬†

  • Studying for a history exam
  • Going out for a walk
  • Trying to make myself feel better
  • Reading

4 ¬†foods I’d rather not eat

  • fennel
  • tripe
  • seafood
  • spicy food

4 of my favorite foods

  • Pasta with Pesto
  • Chocolate
  • Milk
  • Eggs

4  Tv shows I watch 

  • Friends
  • How I met your mother
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Doctor who

4 things I’m looking forward to this year

  • End of the freshmen year ( holidays)
  • Summer
  • Visiting London in summer holidays
  • Sophomore year

4 ¬†things I’m always saying

  • What the hell ?
  • I’m fucked up !
  • I love you
  • Hey, how are ya?

4 People I wanna nominate

  1. Nimitode
  2. Aspen
  3. Luna
  4. Jerrod

And anyone that hasn’t done this survey yet but wants to.

I wish you guys an awesome day night or whatever.

Some kind of a poem

Dear Readers,
Here’s something I’ve been trying out lately. Well it was actually yesterday but I like the word lately. That’s why. So this something is some kind of a poem that isn’t a poem and that doesn’t have nothing such as structure. But there are things that return in it. And they are important. Well at least to me. Just that you know it’s neither me nor any person I know. If there are through any coincidences people that have some similarities it’s important to know that this is out of fantasy and that it may not turn out how it turns out for her in the end. So here we go with my not poem:
“Hey, she said many times. Hey she said and wanted it to be different.
Hey she said and tried to do things that could convince him. But then she realised it wasn’t what she should say. And she tried the thing she should’ve. She said it. She said Goodbye. Goodbye she said when things went south. Goodbye she said when she saw her life doing crazy things. Goodbye she said to him. Goodbye she said to the love she had for him. Goodbye she said. I’m dying she said when she felt the pain that was tearing her up from the inside. I’m dying she said when she came to the point where she knew that it would never be like it had been. I’m dying she said when she laid down on her bed at night and she was thinking about him. I’m dying she said when she felt the pain that still reminded her of the time she was happy. I’m dying she said when she laughed and laughed because her friends had told her a joke. I’m alive she said when she woke up and felt happy. I’m alive she said when she had moved on and had realised that some people just weren’t meant to be together. I’m alive she said and that was why she was happy. I’m alive she said when finally summer came and she was out with her friends. I’m alive she said when she listened to music that made her happy. I’m alive she said because she loved life and it knew. She smiled at the sun. She smiled at her mom. She smiled at her friends. She smiled at herself. And she was happy because she knew.”
That’s it. I hope you liked it. And I’d be honoured if you’d commented. You guys are just awesome. And if anyone has gone through a break up lately or going through it right now please know you are wonderful people. And you are worth it. It sure hurts as hell. And it takes time. Take that time. Only so you can heal fully. Suffer from the pain it brings to you. But don’t let it rip you apart. It really will hurt. And you will have days were you want to die. But remember always you’re worth it. You’re worth fighting for but that other person didn’t. So let that person go. It hurts like hell. And I myself haven’t gotten over it yet. There will be the person that will love you for you are and that person will love you with all their heart. That person won’t let you go and won’t stop fighting for you. That person will see your inner beauty. And that person will never take you for granted. Because no one should take you for granted. You’re not. And everyone that doesn’t see this isn’t worth it. I’m sorry for such a post. But I just needed to get it out. And crying is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s alright. But one day you’ll wake up and feel free and happy. You will be happy again.
Bye and have a nice day or night or whatever.