Dublin as a home from 2.7 to 23. 7.2017

Dear Readers,
wow, this has been a long time. Do I even still exist? The answer to that is Yes. I still wander around with my feet on the ground and my head in the sky. Yup, it’s me. I’m back. For real this time. It’s been two months and give or take 30 days. I’ve spent the whole May and June with studying and working on my Grades and it did work out in the end. I am now officially a Junior. So now you know what happened in May and June, but what was going on in July? I went to a language school in, hard to guess with the title, Dublin! That’s what I did for the first three weeks of my summer holidays. Would I switch it for lying at the beach and sunbathing? Never in the world. Those three weeks have been an experience that I wouldn’t want to switch with anything in the world. But I do want to share it with you. And I will tell you as much as I remember and as much as I want you to know. So get a coffee and enjoy those next lines, they are an apology for not being here.
Before I start, I will introduce you to the way I will tell the story. There will be bits of weeks. I’ll try to explain and talk about it in as many details as possible. There won’t be any pictures of me as I want to show myself through words and not pictures. There will, however, be pictures of landscapes and places. Let’s get started:

1st week in Dublin- My life begins

In the morning of the 2nd July 2017 at 5.30 am I said goodbye to my family. The first time on a plane without them. Alone. Off  to a foreign country. To be honest I was a little scared. Not that something would happen. But it is a step to do things on your own. To grow up. The flight went down without any problems, at least none that I heard of. The flight attendants brought me coffee and breakfast and we landed an hour after. The baggage claim was jammed. Full of people waiting. It took them an hour to get the baggage to the travellers. Including me. SO,  after that hour, the transfer I had booked was waiting for me and they took me to the host family. I lived about 50 minutes away from the school, which was in the city center, with taking the bus. They welcomed me and talked to me about their family, about what I had to take care of and they kept asking me if I had any questions. And then they told me that their only rule was for me to be happy. I went to my room and then we waited for my roommate to arrive. They introduced me to their other student from Italy at dinner. The first day had made me tired so I went to bed rather early, which means around 10.30 pm.


On Monday that other language school student showed my roomie and I the way to school. We got there on time. But then I was sent away to another place which I had to find with other students. There I had to wait again with others because because we weren’t 19+. After about an hour they came to take us to the Juniors. There was no space left so we sat on the floor. We got a badge for Registration, which was kind of a chaos but it was nice to talk to people. And when registration was over and the picture taken there was waiting. Then they gave us a tour that ended with Trinity College. Went to the first Pub with some french girl and drank a beer. Then my roomie and I went home. Dinner was ready. On Tuesday school started. I met my classmates and we got schoolbooks and stuff and then I met some guy. He was from Spain. And he was a real Gentleman. I had been writing with him so we knew some stuff about each other. We went to Trinity College again to make our Student Leap Cards ( Bus card with discounts) and then we went to Diceys with his friends. Diceys as was a Club for young people: there was party and there were cheap drinks. He payed and took care of my backpack. We had a fun time and I talked to some Irish guy. He showed me how to drink Guinness. Well that being said I didn’t stay that long for it was the first week. Wednesday I got lost on my way to school. It took me 45 minutes to find it which made me get there 15 minutes late. We had quite a great class called Writing and Presentation which helped me improve my presentation skills. Thursday I went to the Guinness Factory. Alone. I walked there from the city centre in 2 hours to find out afterwards that there was a bus that would’ve taken me 10 minutes. But it was great though. I went on an actual Tasting in the factory. They showed us how to taste the Guinness with all our senses. School started at 5.00 pm and ended at 7.50 pm. Then I went to Diceys and had a few drinks. It was quite fun. The music was playing and a certain someone walked me to the door.


Guess who got lost again on Friday. Yass you’re right, mee. Got there 30 minutes late. But they didn’t care because it was the first week. I didn’t really do much on Friday except eating and going to school. There was a lecture which was quite interesting though. It was about Irish Myths. Then I went to grab some food with friends. That was it. On Saturday I slept quite long and in the afternoon we had School. I never got used to it. Just to tell you that in advance. In the evening I had some sort of a date with that Spanish Guy. Well it was more hanging out than date and he got there an hour late. That was Saturday evening. On Sunday I did nothing except wondering how a week had gone by so fast and how I didn’t miss my home at all. But that had no other reason than me enjoying my stay in Dublin and not having time to miss my usual life.

2nd Week in Dublin- A foreign country becomes home

I love Ireland with its green landscapes. A never-ending Green. The never-ending stories. The rain that starts unexpected. The sun the shines afterwards. And its people. But not only Irish people. On Monday I went on a trip to the Cliffs of Mohair. I did this with school. They had rented a bus for this trip took us 3h 40min to get there and the same on the way back. There were so many Spanish people in the language school. And they are some of the funniest people I’ve ever met in my life. And they taught me some Spanish words and expressions. I hadn’t laughed so much in a long time. It was a really long trip but it was worth it. The view from the top of the Cliffs was breathtaking. It was one of the most impressing and most beautiful things I had ever seen. We had about 3 hours to go on a walk and take pictures.


20170710_114851 20170710_133930



These are some pictures of the Cliffs of Mohair and its infinity.

On Tuesday school started again. Same schedule only that they tested the fire alarm. Again school. Again waking up at 6 am. I stayed home that night because I had a presentation on the next day. A presentation about Area 51. On that day I went home in the evening. On Thursday I went to another Museum called Epic, it was about the Emigrants of Ireland, near the River Liffey.

Then school started again, but I couldn’t really concentrate because I had a date. That certain Spanish someone and I went to an Italian restaurant and then we waited for the bus together. And then “The Killers – Mr. Brightside” got real. In case you don’t know the lyrics here are the lines that described the time when we were waiting for the bus:”It started out with a kiss”. And that was it. And I went home as happy as I hadn’t been for a long time. The next day was school. Quite normal. Nothing unusual happened except me thinking about him all the time. I didn’t go out that day. I did do something fun in the afternoon. I went to the Leprechaun Museum. For the people who don’t know what a Leprechaun is, they are small creatures living hidden in the landscapes of Ireland. It was quite fun. I had a solo tour. Because I was the only one that had signed up for that tour. It was great because I could discuss my thoughts on the stories with the guide. And that I what I love to do. Talk. On Saturday school again and I went home in the evening because I was tired and a little cold. On Sunday the adventurous me started. I went to a Park with a Rose festival. Stayed there and listened to some traditional music. Then I wanted to see the Sea. Thing was the tides weren’t playing with me. So I went on a walk in the mudflat, which was great. But I was alone again. Then I thought if I had come this far why not just keep walking? So I walked to a beautiful place called Howth that was near the see. Actually it’s on a semi-island. And it was great. And I got to see the Sea again.

Howth and its beauty

Then I took the Dart (Irish Public Transport Train)  and went to Dublin City centre. I was so tired that I went home that evening. And that ended the 2nd week. I started to feel a little sad while thinking that this was going to be my last week.

3rd Week in Dublin-Home is where the heart is

On my last Monday in this beautiful place called Dublin, I went on a Trip with a Tourist-Bus. This happened spontaneously. I had thought that I had successfully booked a Trip to Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland with the school. But apparently I hadn’t. And that’s what they told me at 8.10 am. So I went to the next visitor centre and asked if there were any Trips available without booking. And they said yes, to Giant’s Causeway. And I just gave them the money and went on a Bus full of strangers. And off we went, on a trip that took us 3h and 40 minutes to get there. And I had the time of my live. I was alone but I wasn’t at the same time. We made a halt to take pictures of a ruin of a castle that they used to film Game of Thrones. Then we stopped at the Giant’s Causeway and had 2 hours to go down there and take pictures and enjoy. I walked with some Swedish people that were on the same bus and they were really nice. After those two hours we went to a Rope-bridge called Carrick-A-Reed or something like that. I saw my roommate and her friends. We all laughed at the coincidence. And then we stopped at the dark Hedges.

On Tuesday I went to school again and in the evening we went to Diceys, I dressed up and had a few drinks. I saw him again. And we left quite early. It was a fun night though. I got home at 12.30 am. The morning after, not so fun. Only 3 hours of sleep and a massive stomach growling that didn’t go away till in the evening. Because lunch didn’t help. This was my last time at Diceys. But it was a great last time. On Thursday I didn’t go to any Museum at all. I just chilled at home. And then I went to school and chilled there. I went home in the evening because I was broke. But luckily my mom sent me money on Friday morning. Which meant I had enough money for the last few days. On Friday en morning we had school but in the afternoon I went to Phoenix Park. One of the biggest City-Parks in Europe btw. It was great, even though I was alone. I had a fun time. I rented a bike and drove around for 3 hours. The Park is famous for its deer. I even touched some deers. And it was a great feeling.


On Saturday was the last day in Dublin. And I saw him for the last time. I hadn’t seen him since that fun night. And I had to give him back the money from the Italian restaurant. Because apparently he had loaned me that money. Which I figured way later than I should have. And then we just walked and didn’t really talk. And then he hugged me and said Goodbye. Love is a strange thing. It does strange things with you. It gives you feelings that tear you apart. It makes you forget how to think with your mind and not with your heart. And sometimes your mind fights with your heart because it knows what would be right. It knows what would prevent your heart from breaking. But your heart is blind and deaf to what your mind is telling you. And in the end it gets broken anyway. It gets easier. It hurts even if there wasn’t anything going on. But expectations bring you down, they make you rise high and fall deep. But you have to let go. There’s an end to every story. In the break I got my Diploma for completing those 3 weeks and a Certificate on the level C1. So I’m near native speakers. And I really enjoyed it there. The time I spent in Dublin is a time I will never forget. And I’m sure I will go back there one Day. Home is where the heart is, and my heart is in Dublin. It’s with the people I met there. It’s all over the world. Especially in Spain. And I know you who I miss the most won’t ever read this but you made my time there a lot more experienced. And you who made me laugh, from Spain again, you won’t ever read this either. And my roommate Isa, I will remember you for all times, even if we had to use Google Translator to talk most of the time. In the evening of my last day there I went to a bar with Isa and some friends of hers, well they were my friends too, anyways we went to the Riverbar and I had my last Guinness. And we just had a good time and laughed and played a drinking game. And then we went to the bus station and said Goodbye. And hugged. How much we hugged. And what a damn great thing it is to have something that makes it so hard to say Goodbye. On the last ride home I tried to breathe it in. I tried to mesmerise the way and what it looked like. And all those houses and the people. And then hugging some more. Isa and I went home and I wrote on her Flag and she wrote into my notebook. I finished packing my suitcase, everything fell out of it so I had to pack again. My host-mom opened the door and asked what time I was leaving, so I told her. And the next morning I woke up at 6 am. Half of my clothes were in my backpack because I couldn’t put them into my suitcase. Then I ate some breakfast, drank a cuppa tea and my host mom made me coffee, we talked and she waited with me for my transfer that was picking me up at 8 am. And then the transfer came and I went.  And I looked out of the window the whole time. Saying goodbye to the place that had been my home for 3 weeks. It doesn’t sound like much time, I know. But 3 weeks are what it takes to create a habit and that’s true. I didn’t want to go. Because my heart had started to get attached to people and places. So I went out of the taxi. Then I had to wait for an hour at the baggage Check-In because I was there too early. After that: Security check. And they let men through first. Well whatever. Another hour waiting for the screens to show which Gate to go to. Then I went to the Gate and waited for the plane arrival and boarding time. And guess what, the plain was delayed. As if Ireland didn’t want me to go. And I didn’t want to leave it either. But every Story has an ending. So did this. The plane got there, I got my seat and back we flew. At home my mom and my sister were waiting for me. At the airport. With flowers and a “Welcome back” sign. They had missed me so much and I hadn’t really missed them but I was really happy to see them again. And it was great. Now I’m back again. In the place I love and call home but now I have two places that are home. And I miss my Dublin home and my Dublin friends, I would’ve liked to keep in touch. But I guess it’s better not to. So I won’t miss them that much. I’ll be able to keep my mind here and not there. But not yet. Anyways I won’t ever forget it. Never. Cause it’s a part of me, a part of my thoughts and my heart. Me missing it just means that I had a great time. And it’s okay to miss something. Or someone. It only means a beautiful time is over. And Peter Pan is right: To live is an awfully big adventure. To grow up is one as well. Even though if he doesn’t believe in it. I do and it’s an opinion. So is to love.

If you’ve read so far I congratulate you, It took me about half a day to write this. But I just had to fix this.

Love hard and Live. Goodnight or Good Morning. Whatever it is have it good.

Yours sincerely and deepest