One perfect summer

Hey Guys

This is again a non fiction book but this time it’s a heartbreaking love story.  It’s about Alice Simmons and her true first love. Alice is 18 when she first meets Joe Strickwold. This is her first real love and with him she has her first time. But this love isn’t supposed to hold on for a long time. This brakes her heart. She can’t enjoy life for one year. Her studies are her one and everything where she concentrates on. Then she meets another young student. That is her second love but the problem is that she can’t let go of her first real love. Sure Lukas is nice and handsome and he has a rich family. But he is not Joe and he is jealous when there’s just a flirt or something little. Years after that she still thinks of Joe and now he’s there in a way that she can’t reach him. A way they both never would’ve imagined. Is there a chance that she can be with him till the end of her life? Read it and find it out. Heartbreak for sure. I promise you who love that sort of book. It’s funny and just wonderful.  Enjoy it and be in that world where love is the greatest thing. Bye


The Spectacular Now

Hey Guys,
I know I haven’t written much lately but I will. This is again a non fiction book but that’s okay I assume. It’s a young adult book about an 18 year-old High School Student who let’s say really likes to drink alcohol and believes in living in the moment. His name’s Sutter Keeley. The only problem of living in the Now is that you don’t have plans for the future and that can hurt people. His Girlfiend doesn’t like the Idea of living in the Now and brakes up with him. But how could Sutter know that was the best thing that could happen. He meets the not-so-typical nice Girl. Aimee Finecky,that’s her name, finds him in the morning when he has drunken so much that he went somewhere in the Yard and fell asleep. At the beginning Sutter sees her as a girl he can help out because she’s sometimes too nice. He teaches her to stand up for herself. But as the time goes by he falls in love with her and she falls for him too. And then she helps him too, she helps him to drink not so much. And he even goes to the Prom with her. He even asks his mother for the Phone number of his dad. But his father is an alcohol loving, selfish and rude man. That takes his hopes down. Can Aimee help him now that he is shattered or can he help himself? Read the Book and find it out. I loved the book because it was so lovely, beautiful, funny and a bit sad. I think this is Life. And this is what we have to deal with. This book will change the way you see life in some way. Anyways this book is helpful in some ways because you can see that not everything is bad what you think is bad but also that not everything is good what you think is good. I just want to say that this Book helps you look at things different. Forget everything what you had to do and read that Book.

And don’t juge a book by it’s Cover

The Good Luck Of Right Now

Matthew Quick’s New Novel

This isn’t a book like all the others that I’ve posted yet. It’s a non-fiction book about life and philosophies. Although it is an adult book I really enjoyed reading it. It’s about Bartholomew Neil whose mother died with seventy years old and he has to live on his own. He’s 39 years old and never had a job but caring for his mom. He’s a bit special, like Forrest Gump. When his mother dies he finds a letter from Richard Gere to China because of the Problems in Tibet. His mother thought the letter was written to her but it was an official letter. When Bartholomew finds the letter he thinks he has to write him. And also because his mother called him Richard and he pretended to be him. There are many Special characters in it. It’s a mixture of Buddhism and Catholics. Bartholomew has to deal with the new situation but he has a grief counsel and Father McNamee from the church and old family. It has so many feelings in it that you have difficulties with the characterization of the main Character. Well it’s about different ways to see life. And about the grieving process. A beautiful novel with life and Death and happiness. Enjoy reading this beautiful, lucky, charming and sometimes sad novel. It’s perfect for a rainy day with a warm blanket in a wing chair. Let you be enchanted by this brilliant novel. And believe in The Good Luck Of Right Now. For all Buddhists out there, there are also many Koans in it. Read it, love it and feel it in your whole body.

Find your way and try to understand people like him. And whatever happens be yourself.

The book Insurgent

Hey Guys
Who ever read the book Insurgent will never be the same again. I read it and I was so thrilled and my heart was pumping so fast I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Well obviously I didn’t but that’s not the point. Insurgent is the second book of the divergent series. Tris has lost everything who she used to love and she did terribly wrong things that will haunt her forever. The world full of peace that she used to know is now nothing but a dream that she had and then lost when she woke up. Things happen that she can hardly believe. Once the war has begun it’s more difficult to hide herself. She did things that no one can ever forgive. She can’t even forgive herself. So where’s the sense of life. Can she ever live normal without being haunted by her grief. She has to sacrifice herself that is clear but how? Read it and find it out. Forget whatever you had to do and then read the book till you’re finished with the really last word.

Be brave Tris

The Book Divergent

Hey Guys
I read the book Divergent and I was so excited. It’s a thrilling and sometimes even horrific book. But also it’s a love story. In that case the not so typical love story that you may think of. I took it in my hands and didn’t let go of it until I was finished with the last word. It’s a dystopian future novel in a world that’s a bit different from ours. They built a system to keep the peace. The faction system. There are five factions and everyone else knows where they fit in. There’s Abnegation the selfless, Erudite the smart ones, Candor the honest, Amity the peaceful and Dauntless the brave. It’s about Beatrice Prior who’s 16 and she has to choose in what faction she wants to live in. All the 16 year-olds have to do the Aptitude Test which should help them to choose. The only problem is that Beatrice is not like all the others. She has to choose and has to learn to hide her true self. In a world where it’s too dangerous to be what she is. She can’t trust anyone. But how can she hide herself before they know.
Read the book. Forget whatever you had to do. And don’t let it go until you have read the last word. I promise you you’ll be terrified and excited at the same time.

Read it. And if you haven’t watched the movie yet. Don’t watch it before you read it.


The book obsidian

Hey Guys

I read this book and I was imprisoned by that haunting and exciting but at the same time funny book. It’s a fantasy book about a girl called Katie Swartz. She’s moved to Petersburg in West Virginia and at school she’s the “new Girl”. Everything is normal till she learns to know her Neighbour Dee. She’s nice and friendly and unnormally beautiful. She has a brother that’s deadly good looking, lips to kiss and specially fast. He’s called Daemon and he is really taking care of his sister. The only thing is Daemon is totally conceited and an asshole. He acts like that. Then something happens and she has to learn to let be a secret a secret. Wonderful thrilling and funny fantasy love story. You can’t let it go until you are finished with the last sentence, the last word, the last letter. Forget your homework, read the book and be happy. Bye