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First of all I want to thank (again) the lovely Riya for having nominated me three days ago with that awesome Challenge. She is awesome. Go check her blog. That is if you haven’t already. You really would miss something if you wouldn’t take a look. She’s quite new to the blogosphere so give her a follow. Before we get on with the quote, here are the rules (again) 🙂

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Today’s Quote is about being yourself




Be yourself. Live your life. Enjoy every hour, every minute and every second. Carpe Diem. Love, laugh and live. Today is the last day of three Challenge days. I nominate three last awesome people for now:

Aspiring blue cat



That was it. The three days quote Challenge is over now. Sad but true. But no worries I won’t be gone from WordPress. My next review will be seen in two days. Not it’s the last adventure of Kat and Daemon.

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Dear Readers,

First of all I want to thank the lovely Riya for nominating me with that great award. I love the three days quote Challenge.  She is awesome. Go check her blog.

Before we get on with the quote, here are the rules (again) 🙂

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Post a quote for three consecutive days.
  • Nominate three new bloggers each day.

So today’s Quote is about living in the now.


To all the people that don’t know how to live in the now ( including me ). That they all know that they are. Not that they were or that they will be. They are. We are. Life is. It hasn’t been. It won’t be. It is.

For this philosophical post I nominate three awesome people:




They are all awesome people. Go check out their blogs.

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Dear Readers,
I have been nominated with the Three days quote Challenge by the lovely Riya. Go check out her blog, she is truly awesome. Before we get on with the quote, here are the rules (again) 🙂

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Post a quote for three consecutive days.
  • Nominate three new bloggers each day.

Now today’s Quote is about falling in love


This is for all the hearts that have fallen for certain guys. Are still falling. Will always fall. I think that is such a beautiful quote because it is so true.

I nominate for this great tag three wonderful people:


Miss Unknown


They are all awesome people. Please go check out their blogs. It’s worth the click.

Keep blogging happily

See you soon

P.s. don’t be afraid of love.



Dear Readers,
Yay I have holidays. I have been longing to write that post. I just didn’t get on it. So the first post I’ll do these holidays will be about, guess what. If you don’t mind I tell you now. About books. Yes that was a very difficult question I know. But you’ll get rewarded. With a review about the 4th book of the Luxen Series. And by the time I guess you know that Daemon is awesome. But this book isn’t about that.

I was so thrilled by the end of the third book and I was like. Help me I’m gonna die. So I was very excited about that book. And you don’t know me when I’m very excited. I read it in a bunch of days and almost couldn’t let it down. I actually read it at school in lunch breaks. Katy has been taken away from Daedalus. When she wakes up, everything is burning. Her whole body is drenched in pain. Katy can’t believe what happened. But at least Daemon hasn’t get caught. She doesn’t even know where she is. And the freaking part is that she is in Area 51. They tell her things that she can’t know if they are true or if they are just lies to keep her quiet. Even though there is a guy called Archer that seems to really get how she is feeling he doesn’t show if he can be trusted. And if that wouldn’t be enough there is always something worse. The first one she sees when she wakes up in her cell is Blake. She’s almost freaking out. But who wouldn’t. There is something different. Daemon tells what he’s feeling because they’re away from each other. It’s the worst time for Daemon. Kat has been caught. And that wasn’t the plan. He even blows up a whole room filled with onyx in the community and stands up against his own kind. He will burn the world down to save her. He’ll do whatever has to be done to free her. And that even means leaving his family behind for a non-given time being. Now he understands Dawson. He feels exactly the same thing that Dawson has felt. It’s eating him away. While Daemon is doing whatever he can do, Kat is being forced to fight against hybrids that Daedalus knows what she is capable of. She doesn’t really do it, until they bring Blake in. Daemon doesn’t know any of this. He gets himself caught on purpose and get’s pissed off with onyx everyday from now on. Will he get to see Katy? Nancy Husher at promised. But was there a time where she could be trusted? Very unlikely. Would he make her keep it? Hell yeah. Katy gets injured all the time. She misses Daemon. Every day Daedalus shows her new things of truth. Then Daemon is brought in. Although she is concerned why he’s there she needed him. What no one of, both Katy and Daemon, knows is the fact that there is another species created by Luxen and hybrids. Will they destroy the world? Is Daedalus not the bad guys? Who can be trusted? And who is Archer, the special guy? So many Questions that will be answered if you read the book.
I really found the feelings and thoughts of Daemon very interesting. It was a change, but a good one. You can see how strong his feelings are.
Please read that book. It is really worth it. I almost didn’t get that post done because I couldn’t find the right words.It’s just so good. Drop all the work you had to get done and read that book. I hope you are all good. Please Enjoy that book. It’s worth being read and being honored. I guess. Bye and have a nice day evening or whatever time it is where you live right now.

I’m so done with it

Dear Readers,
I’ll say sorry first off for this ramble about my life. I just need to get my feelings out. So please don’t judge me for that. I’ve seen others of you doing that often and I think it’s good.
I am so disappointed and sad about my grades that I could just hide under my blanket and cry my soul out. Of course that’s not what I do. I just go on and do stuff. I revise good for those exams. And I can’t do more than revising. And seriously what am I supposed to do. I don’t know. Sometimes I am a bit of a procrastinator and I am not proud of it. But I really do learn and revise for that stuff believe me. Even when I don’t like the subject. I am so angry at myself because I get one hit after another. You know what I mean with hit. Like the feeling you have when you get a bad exam back. Like a punch in your gut. And it’s not a soft punch. That really scares me. I am scared that the teachers will tell me I am not good enough and can’t continue High School. And that’s possible in our country. Yes it is. And I am scared that I am screwed. Well that’s going on in my life right now. Just a small thing.
I hope that. But it’s not. And if that wouldn’t be enough I don’t understand guys. Well one in particular. The one. And well I kinda don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s my first time I have that experience. And I love it but at the sam time I hate it. Well I hate that I just have to live it without thinking about the what ifs. I almost can’t do that. What the hell is going on? I have problems with trusting people and I know that doesn’t make it better. Do you guys have any suggestions about the trusting thing? I have none. Well thank you for reading it through. And I would be so helped if you could give me advice about that. I don’t know what to do. And I hate when I can’t be sure. I know that sounds crazy because life isn’t sure. And it sounds as if I don’t like life but that’s not true. I love my life. It’s just a little messed up right now. But that’s okay. Or so I guess. Thank you all.
Bye and have a nice day or night or whatever.


Dear Readers,
I know I haven’t written much lately but I had much school stuff going on. I wish I could write more but at the moment it’s not something I can do. I really have to get better. And I am scared that my teachers will tell me that I am not good enough. Well, let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about the third book in the Luxen Series. If you don’t remember the second one is Onyx.

Now that Blake has revealed the fact that he’s a total betrayer and works for the DOD Katy and Daemon with crew are in danger more than before. And the Dawson that came back isn’t the same as before. He barely talks and almost doesn’t eat anything. But who can blame him. No one except himself knows what has happened with him the time he was with Daedalus. And it’s getting more and more difficult to keep him save because he wants to get Bethany out of their hands. What really doesn’t help to make the situation better is a perfectly feeling, living and damn Blake that walks back into Biology as if nothing has happened. Pretending that Adam isn’t dead because of him. And now he’s blackmailing Kat Daemon and the crew. He’s back. And forces them to trust him because if not he’ll let Nancy Husher know. And report everything. What’s even more suspicious is that the DOD hasn’t checked on them for a quite a while now. Blake has a Deal that could help them get Beth out. But do they have a chance? Not really. The problem is that Will hasn’t phoned Kats mom yet. So no one knows if the mutation held. Now they at least try to get into Mount Weather, what they don’t know I’d that there are Onyx Shields everywhere with Onyx in gas form. Can they manage to get in a second time? For Dawson? Is it even possible to get immune to Onyx? So many Questions that they can’t answer. And something is weird about that Luc kid that helped them to get in. Well if that would be the only Problems. Can Dee ever forgive Katy about Adams Death? What if not? Kat’s feeling guilty about him. But she didn’t kill him, didn’t she? Dee won’t believe her. So many Problems and so few hours for Kat and Daemon alone. Almost no Kitten time. What about them?

Please read that book. It’s so totally worth it. Let everything what was in your mind drop and read that book. I want you to understand. Forget about everything that you had to do and read it. It won’t disappoint you. I couldn’t believe it in the end. So let yourself get captured in the prison of words and feel what Kat feels. What Daemon pretends to be like but you guys know as much as I do that he’s a good boy. And don’t let me down on this please, I am desperate that you get it.
Bye and have a nice day or evening or whatever

PS: I missed you guys all. Just that you know. I am so thankful to all of you.