A farewell is something
That is sad and happy
At the same time
It’s confusing and clear
At the same time

I said, farewell my love
Now that the time has come
To say goodbye and leave
My love how could I’ve done
I love you for my life
And that will never change

Farewell, my love to you
Farewell the times we had
I never will forget
That you my love are gone
But you’ll be in my heart
Till my last breath is done

The tears are streaming down
Your rosy beautiful cheeks
I tell you we will meet again
Down at the fallen beach.
Your lips will meet my body again
Down where the fairy tale
becomes true at the fallen beach.

But now I say farewell my love
Till we will meet again
This is the story’s saddest end
But this is me and you
One last time I tell you
Three words that blow your mind
One last time I whisper
Three words that make you mine

So here’s my poem for day 10. I know it’s maybe not the best that you’ve ever seen but I post it to let my feelings free. Have a nice day and Bye


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