Dear Readers,
I know I haven’t written much lately but I had much school stuff going on. I wish I could write more but at the moment it’s not something I can do. I really have to get better. And I am scared that my teachers will tell me that I am not good enough. Well, let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about the third book in the Luxen Series. If you don’t remember the second one is Onyx.

Now that Blake has revealed the fact that he’s a total betrayer and works for the DOD Katy and Daemon with crew are in danger more than before. And the Dawson that came back isn’t the same as before. He barely talks and almost doesn’t eat anything. But who can blame him. No one except himself knows what has happened with him the time he was with Daedalus. And it’s getting more and more difficult to keep him save because he wants to get Bethany out of their hands. What really doesn’t help to make the situation better is a perfectly feeling, living and damn Blake that walks back into Biology as if nothing has happened. Pretending that Adam isn’t dead because of him. And now he’s blackmailing Kat Daemon and the crew. He’s back. And forces them to trust him because if not he’ll let Nancy Husher know. And report everything. What’s even more suspicious is that the DOD hasn’t checked on them for a quite a while now. Blake has a Deal that could help them get Beth out. But do they have a chance? Not really. The problem is that Will hasn’t phoned Kats mom yet. So no one knows if the mutation held. Now they at least try to get into Mount Weather, what they don’t know I’d that there are Onyx Shields everywhere with Onyx in gas form. Can they manage to get in a second time? For Dawson? Is it even possible to get immune to Onyx? So many Questions that they can’t answer. And something is weird about that Luc kid that helped them to get in. Well if that would be the only Problems. Can Dee ever forgive Katy about Adams Death? What if not? Kat’s feeling guilty about him. But she didn’t kill him, didn’t she? Dee won’t believe her. So many Problems and so few hours for Kat and Daemon alone. Almost no Kitten time. What about them?

Please read that book. It’s so totally worth it. Let everything what was in your mind drop and read that book. I want you to understand. Forget about everything that you had to do and read it. It won’t disappoint you. I couldn’t believe it in the end. So let yourself get captured in the prison of words and feel what Kat feels. What Daemon pretends to be like but you guys know as much as I do that he’s a good boy. And don’t let me down on this please, I am desperate that you get it.
Bye and have a nice day or evening or whatever

PS: I missed you guys all. Just that you know. I am so thankful to all of you.


10 thoughts on “Opal

  1. YES!!!! LOVE the Luxe series so so much and I’ve found another fan! 🙂 Also, don’t worry about not being good enough, because you really are. Set goals for YOURSELF – don’t let teachers bring you down.

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