Day 9 of Blogmas

Dear Readers,
I know it started 9 days ago but of course I didn’t find out till yesterday. Typical. But it doesn’t matter. Not now anyways. I want this Christmas to be a time to love and a time to forgive. We should learn to forgive each other. But today I want to talk about Christmas. And I want to introduce you to two awesome blogs that are new totally new to the blogosphere. They are awesome and you should definitely follow them. The first one is Jashna. She’s a friend of mine.  And she just started her blog. She’s awesome. One of the kindest persons I’ve ever met. She deserves to be followed and her opinions deserve to be heard. As I told you before there’s a second blog. Her name is Jasmina. She’s a friend of mine as well. And a very good one I’d say. She’s great. And she deserves to be heard as well because she can be funny and wise at the same time. She just takes the people as they are. As well as Jashna does. Follow them. Please. Cause they deserve it. They were brave to take that step. They’re great. As you all are. I’m sorry for not being there the whole time. School’s crazy before Christmas. But I know this isn’t an excuse. So I just hope you don’t hate me now. Because I’m letting you down. As I let down others. But people tell me I’m not letting them down. It’s just these thoughts. Well. I love you all. Give your love to others and they’ll give you theirs. Always try to understand people. Try to be in their shoes. To see their point of view.  I know it’s hard, but it helps. Even though I haven’t accomplished it yet, I hope you will. You deserve to be happy. Always remember that. You deserve to be loved. Don’t hate yourself.  Please. Just know. One day everything will be okay. It’ll be as okay as it can be. And you’ll be happy. Always yours, Gioia.



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