How well do we know each other? Collab with Aspen

Dear Readers,
This is my first collab post ever and I am so glad to do it with the wonderful Aspen from Aspenakatheauthor she’s great. If you don’t follow her yet do it now. Since Aspen and I have been writing on Hangouts for a long time now, we thought that it might be time for a How well do we know each other? Post. She sent me 7 questions and I sent her 7 questions. Now I’ll try and answer her questions.
Aspen: What is my mom’s name?
Me: It’s Sandra, which is funny since it’s my mom’s name as well.
Aspen: What is our favorite game to play together? (Like you and me)
Me: Definitely the rant game. You showed me some time and I just love that game.
Aspen: Who is my best friend?
Me: Since I’ve heard from a few friends but one came up especially often I’m gonna go for Lauren.
Aspen: What is my religion?
It’s Mormon. Or that’s what I’d remember anyway.
Aspen: What is something I’m scared of?
Me: That one is tricky and since I don’t really know I’m just gonna guess getting killed in your sleep. Which is why you sometimes sleep facing the door.
Aspen: What is something that I think is beautiful?
Me: The stars, thunderstorms and rain.
Aspen:  When we meet, where’s one place I said I would take you?
Me: That one is kinda tricky as well. But I’d go for a trip to bear lake. And a starry night. 
Aspen: Extra question. What is my eye color?
Me: I’d say they’re pretty dark at night but in the sun they seem to shine with a certain glow.

That’s it. For now. I hope I haven’t done too bad. Well I tried my best so it’s gotta be enough.

Bye have a nice day, night or whatever


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