Beginning of a story

Dear Readers,
This is the beginning of a story I’ve been writing at lately. I hope you like this. If you don’t tell me in a fair feedback what to do better. So here we go. I’m doing this for the first time.

The sun was already shining brightly through the curtains when I woke up. Again I had slept in. It sucked. And if that wasn’t enough, the shower didn’t work. I’d have to fix it soon. Mom couldn’t do it. She’d been that way since, well since dad had died. She was sleeping all night and day. First I’d thought it would pass, like every grief did one day. But as much as I hoped, it didn’t. She wasn’t going to wake up for fixing the shower. She wasn’t even going to wake up to just say ‘good morning, honey’ like she used to when I was little. But I didn’t have time to think of it now. I had to get to school. So I just grabbed my bag and got to my car. I’d be late for class. But who cared, anyways? They never did. But then again, I’d have to get through it, like everything else. As I pulled into the parking lot the warning bell had already rang. I hurried into class. Maths. My absolute worst class. I sat down and class began. As boring as always our maths teacher explained some Trig. I was dreading to have break. Next class. English. That’s where I noticed him. He came through the door and sat down right beside me. ‘Hey’ he said ‘I’m Jason. And well I’m obviously the new kid.’ He looked hot. Jason was tall, had beautiful green eyes, dark wavy hair and smelled of woods. Oh really. What was I thinking? I hadn’t even known him for five minutes. ‘Oh umm, well I’m Ashley. Not new here obviously.’ As if I had to say this. ‘ Nice to meet you Ashley’ and then class began. The morning passed as usual. With the exception that I now had someone sitting next to me in English. Then lunch came and I already expected to be alone for myself eating lunch, as always. But I had been wrong. There he was. No wait, there was this new boy that didn’t attract me in any way. Better. Well that wasn’t exactly the truth but it was definitely better. I took a tray of something that should be a baked potato and some meat. There was a table with no people. That’s where I sat down, as always. Then Jason sat down next to me. ‘ You mind if I join you? See you’re the only one I know so far.’ Really? I couldn’t help but try not to smile or freak out. ‘ No, not really. And in the matter of a fact you already sit here.’ We ate in silence. An awkward silence. Well, then somehow afternoon went by. And by the end of the day I was in a really bad mood. The strange things started again. I knew, because they always did when I was excited, frightened or angry. But I had learned to control it somehow. Sometimes it still didn’t work. I went home and thought about it. And I knew that there would be more. But first I had to get some milk. I was obsessed with milk. I took a sip. Ahhh, that felt good. My school bag was laying untouched in the corner. I opened it and took out some paper and a pen. I started writing a story. Which was what I always did when it started again. Because in these stories I had control of things. I could decide who was treated badly and who was not. I could decide what problems they had. And I could decide who lived and who died. So I started. It helped. But then I got distracted. The doorbell rang. Who would that be at 7:30 p.m.? I took my time to open it. What I saw made me shudder. How the hell had Jason found out where my home was? Saying I was surprised would be the understatement of the century. Confused and freaked out would be a little nearer. Maybe I was just paranoid. ‘Hey Ashley’, he said, ‘I know this is a little weird, but I can’t do it any other way. I know you’re confused as hell and maybe a bit freaked out. But the time is running out. I’m so sorry. But I have to.’ There was this look in his eyes that told me he meant what he’d said.’ What exac-‘ I was interrupted by a thundering sound. There was a lightning bolt and then everything went black. As I woke up again I found myself in a bed. A bed that wasn’t mine. I blinked at the light that was on. I was in a room that looked like a hotel room. With the exception that there were no Windows. And that I had no idea where I was.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate that you read it. Really. And I miss you all. I hope you are all doing good. Goodnight or day or whatever. Bye


9 thoughts on “Beginning of a story

  1. LOVED IT! Reading part 2 now.
    I think everything was great. You are an amazing writer. SERIOUSLY THAT WAS AMAZING.

    Feedback? Some parts of the text went a little too fast and a lot of sentences begin with ‘I’ and feel they were too short.

    Liked by 1 person

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