My first post since a long time

Dear Readers,
This is my post since months. I haven’t been blogging in a long time. And I feel so bad about it. I didn’t have time because we had much exams. And there are still exams that have to be written. I really don’t know why I didn’t get the time to blog. I’ve been changing. My life has changed. People have changed, including me. I haven’t been happy a lot lately. And that was because of several reasons. My exams haven’t been really good. I didn’t study as much as I should’ve. Or I didn’t study as productive as I should’ve. We’ve been moving and yeah this is my first night at my new home. But that one makes me kinda happy. Well, there was this guy. He was my first love. It kinda was like my books had come true. Except that it was true and that I was that happy girl. And I kinda felt like the happiest girl in the world. Everything was great. And I tell you guys being in a hug of someone you love is the best thing. Because I felt save in those arms. Well it didn’t work out in the end. But it’s alright. There’s a beautiful Quote that says:”Don’t let the heart that didn’t love you, keep you from the one that will.” Well. I’m trying to let go of it. And as easy as it sounds it’s not. And I don’t do do it yet. But why am I even telling you this. After you’ve read that one you probably think my blog has changed too, and I’m gonna give you guys an honest answer. Yeah, it has changed. I’ve grown more into my blogging world. But I haven’t been posting a lot lately. And I know that’s not what blogging is about. But is blogging about writing and posting every week? No, I don’t think it is either. I think blogging is about writing when you feel it. And when you want it. Because we should be happy. And if one is sad then one is allowed to. But I think it’s important to live life, every second you’ve got. So we should do things that make us happy. Not things that make us regret. You guys are such a support for me. And I want to thank y’all. Because you guys mean a lot to me. And I don’t know what I’d do. Well probably live my life without knowing you guys. Life is about changing and changing is something not entirely bad. Changing can be actually very good. And it can free yourself. And to feel free is something so entirely awesome. And most of all live in the now. To live in the past makes it impossible to move forwards. To always life in the future makes expectations and these expectations hurt. So live in the now, you can have one again tomorrow. And it will make you happy. If you’ve read this I thank you with all my heart. Please know that I want you to be happy. I want you all to be happy and well. I want you to love fiercely. And I want you to know please live it. Life’s beautiful. Never take someone or something for granted. Appreciate it. Bye and have a nice day or night or whatever.


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