Dear Readers,
I really missed you all, but I didn’t have enough time to write reviews because there was much stuff going on. School and exams and family stuff. Just the usual. But now I am here and I have a small amount of time to write. I am really happy about that. Here’s a book I have read a long time ago but it doesn’t matter now. It’s the second book of the Lux-Series. If you don’t remember I wrote a review about the first book a long time ago.So let’s get started.

Now that Katy and Daemon have killed Baruk, the danger seems gone. But what’s still there is their creepy connection. Their hearts have the same beat. Everything seems good.Daemon is really trying to make her believe she loves him. Well and that’s what she does,but how could it be true that he loves her too. He tries to be the the caring nice boyfriend and even brings her stuff like roses to school. Not that she didn’t like that, she just doesn’t trust him that much. But Katy get’s ill and after that she’s acting very weird.She starts to move things without touching them. And there the logic stops. But maybe it’ll fade after sometime or maybe she imagined the whole stuff. The best moment for some normality in her life. There’s this new boy at school. He’s the typical surfer boy and appears totally normal. That’s what Katy needs. And although Daemon doesn’t seem very down with that idea she tries to get to know Blake. A normal boy. Then something happens again. She has to tell Daemon. But of course he’s freaking out about her not trusting him. After a normal dinner with Blake it turns out that he isn’t what he seems to be. A fight with an Arum shows that. Blake tells Daemon and Katy what he is. And reveals the fact that Katy isn’t a normal human anymore. She’s an alien-human hybrid. She has abilities that she can’t control. But what will happen if she can’t do that. Either she’ll expose all of them or she’ll get caught from the DOD. Blake, who’s also an alien-human hybrid, gives the idea of training Kat. Daemon isn’t so down with that idea. He doesn’t trust Blake. And that’s annoying the crap out of Katy. But he attends the training sessions till Blake throws a knife at her. That’s were he really is done with it. But Katy keeps doing it. She gets herself hurt for many times and has to lie about it every time when she’s with Daemon. He would no longer watch this. And then there’s the thing about Beth. Katy saw her in an Expedition. That can mean nothing good. Is Dawson still alive. Kat tells Daemon and that brings them together a bit more. And then Blake is acting weird. She starts some research and finds out something terrible. Something that that would mean that they are all in danger. What will happen next. Can she really find it out?How will she keep Daemon safe without hurting him?
That book really made me think I was going to have a heart attack it was so thrilling and it made me angry sometimes. Please read it. It’s such a good book. Let drop everything that you had to do and read that book. It’s really worth it. Please like and comment and I hope you’re all doing good wherever you live. Bye and have a nice evening or morning or whatever


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