Observing people in a small kiosk

Dear Readers,
I actually have time to write. Yeah I got time to write because I missed my train. Well and I thought of what to do. It came to my mind that I could just go into our kiosk and well observe the morning people and see what they do at that time. And I didn’t want to catch a cold outside. So it’s very interesting to see that. But right now there aren’t many people so I guess I’ll invent some people and make a little story out of it. Observing people is quite fun and it tells you much about human nature. So here we go. The first man that came in was a middle-aged man or maybe a bit older he bought his daily magazine which is with what he starts his day. I won’t say any names or anything because of two reasons. I have no idea what their names are and I want to stay anonymous. Now see him there’s a next one middle-aged too. He thinks he can find his luck in a jackpot. There a small probability but still he does this everyday. He believes in luck. A women came in middle-aged again. She bought a coffee, something to eat and cigarettes. She does that every time. She needs that.


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