Assignment 4

Dear Reader,
I really don’t know where to start since there’s a fixed subject I blog about. But I think I could write about taking people as who they are. To respect people. Respecting people isn’t always easy. And I just want you to know that everyone is special in their own way and that everyone should have the right to be who they really are. No one should be forced to act like another person because he/she could be called crazy if they wouldn’t. There’s this sad thing that people can’t be who they are. We should respect and take things and people as they are. I think you already know that. But you couldn’t see it back then. It hurts people really much. It eats them away inside and it kills their self-confidence, it makes them think those words are true. But they aren’t. It’s important to know that because please don’t believe it. You are all human beings who are worth living and worth being yourselves. Live your life and do what you always do without thinking what will the others think. It’s difficult I know that from myself, but it’s worth trying. That is difficult, I know, but do it. It makes you feel free. It takes that burden away from you. The thing is that you have to take yourself as you are before you can take others as they are. I know sounds easy but it isn’t. Don’t be mean to other and don’t be mean to yourself. Easy isn’t it. Well see if it works. Bye


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