Life and Stuff

Dear Readers,
I will write here something about what’s going on in my life or just anything. Well there is not very much to tell about me so I’m just gonna write about what’s happening.

I’m so lucky that we have break for one week. On Friday we’ve gotten our midterm reports and now we have break. Last week we had a french week which means we all had one week for preparing a presentation that we had on Friday. It was quite fun because it wasn’t really school. We had some workshops on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and they were kind of interesting. It was about creativity and some other stuff. On Wednesday we were on a trip in a city in the country where I live. We did, my group and I, our presentation about David Bowie. Well it was interesting. Now I’m in holidays in Austria and I love it. I’ve never been there before. It has snow. And it’s beautiful. But in a week we’ll have school again and then I’ll have to go into a maths course for those who are screwed in maths this year. It’s going to be quite a great semester (ironically said). Well it’s going to be alright. And I’m so happy that I got in advanced English class. That was what I’ve been working for since the year has started. Well I’m trying to be good in English and I want to study it too. Well there’s not much more to tell because I haven’t done much more than hanging around in my room in holidays and watching my favourite series. Well and reading To kill a Mockingbird. So I think I’ll just say bye and wish you a great evening or whatever. Well I hope I didn’t bore you with that. Thanks for reading anyway. Bye


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