Life and stuff

Dear Readers,
I want to make my blog more personal. I think it has to be a good thing but I don’t know, yet. Yay I finally have time to write in here. And so I’ll start.
I’m so happy to have weekend. A time to relax when everyone should be sleeping and not doing much stuff. Or that’s what we’re supposed to do. Instead we can study for exams. It’s really relaxing. Fair enough. But it’s not. No it isn’t relaxing in any way. But it’s alright. And I just have to put my things together and just do what I have to do. But I have my books so I have time to give me a break. I need to. At the moment I’m totally stressed out. And I start crying because of small things. And I get angry some time. And this is really freaking me out. I just have to calm down and relax. It’s just difficult sometimes. I don’t know, but I hope it gets better. It’s just so much going on right now and we’re gonna move out from our apartment in a few months. And the new husband of my mom is great but my mom has problems with his Children right now. They’re alright. And I’m happy that my mom found one who will make her happy for the rest of her life. I have just difficulties with changes. And I know life is changing. And I know that if I have problems with changes I have problems with the way how life works. But that’s not true. And it sounds like that. I’m just having a stressing time. It will get better. And it’s a bit crazy how I act now but I just feel like it. And like I told you in my last post, a life without craziness is boring. So yeah, thanks for reading this crazy post. Bye and please comment


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