Am I normal yet

Dear Readers,

I have much stuff going on right now so as you probably already know, I don’t have much time for my blog and for reading right now. But here’s a new review for you so just enjoy and have fun.

Am I normal Yet? is a non-fiction book for young adults. I really recommend this book because it shows what people think somehow. It’s about Evelyn “Evie” Carter. Everything she wants to be is normal. She is 16, almost off her meds and a few steps away from being “normal”. A new college, new friends and the first love experiences. But it’s difficult sometimes because Evie has OCD Obsessive compulsive disorder. Which means she has to wash her hands very often, she is scared of many things and she is sometimes scared of even leaving the house. But it’s going better. And she doesn’t take bad thoughts as a warning that it’s coming back. She is worried that if she tells her friends they won’t like her anymore. Her friends Amber and Lottie are really good friends and they laugh with her, they care about her, they are there for her. But she can’t think that they will still like her though. How can they help her when they don’t know. But if that was the only problem. Evie wants to get a boyfriend. What if he’ll think she’s crazy or mental. But this is the point. All she does is pretending, that everything is fine. But it isn’t. And her thoughts are a total mess. They tell her things that aren’t good for her. They tell her to wash her hands again after she washed them. So Evie tries to concentrate on other things. And it’s hard. She tells the reader what is annoying her. That so many people don’t get it. They just don’t get it. And this book is so sensitising in the way that it tells people to get it. And that there’s no normal. And it’s true I mean come on guys is anybody here who’s normal. Anybody? And the question what is even normal? Is there even a normal? I don’t think so. And if you judge people for just being who they are you’re mean. Not talking to anyone in particular. This hurts people. Everyone is different. And everyone is unique. So take people as they are and don’t think they’re crazy. Anyway without craziness it’s boring. Thank you for reading this post. I really tell you read that book and you’ll understand. It’s like life is. Read the book and see the things from a different perspective. Have a nice day or night or whatever. Bye
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