The way you fall asleep

Slowly, in the beginning,

And then all at once,

Where  your imagination

Doesn’t have any rules

And where bad dreams haunt you

There is a world

Where you can do whatever you want

You can be dauntless

If you’re not strog enough

to be in reality

You can beat up your enemies

Like they’ve beaten you

Now you’re strong enough

You can tell them that they’re nothing

Like they used to tell you

But now it’s opposite

But there are more things

In your dreams

Good things even wonderful

And when you wake up

You don’t know anymore

What you were in your dreams


This is my third poem and I think it’s okay. But I don’t know. I’d be very pleased if you’d comment. Have a nice day.


8 thoughts on “Sleep

    • Dear Tawni,
      I wrote them down because it is what I feel. And I’ve experienced it before. It just shows you that you aren’t in that world anymore. And it’s important to know that, because if you’re not as strong in reality as you were in your dreams, then you have to have luck. And if you don’t have luck then you’re in big troubles. But that not the normal case. Thank you for commenting and Bye


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