December and a mug of hot choclate

Dear Readers,
The best thing on a cold December Day in the evening is being in your bed with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate, in your blanket. Or a cup of tea. It depends on what you like. This is the best time to read a book and have it warm inside when it’s cold outside. Read an old book and think of times in the past. The good times. But also think of the future. And then live in the now. Feel that moment. Be there.

But what should you read? Should it be a love story, or a science fiction book or in the end better both of them. It could be also a Christmas Story. There are so many good books for the cold time. I’m gonna tell you about one.

Have you ever heard of the book A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens? Of course you have and I’m pretty sure that much of you have read it when they were a child. This book, I think, shows us the Ghost of Christmas. It’s about finding back to the family and finding back to the goodness. The story is well written. Although it’s, when you read it as a child kind of scary or weird. There are so many things we can learn from that book. Okay maybe not how Scrooge is acting in the beginning. But how he’s acting when he sees his family and his past. And how it’s in the end. It’s a beautiful story and a wonderful time of the year to read it.

Little Question. What do you think is the Ghost of Christmas ? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Have a nice day in pre-christmas time.


P.S. If I stay is a song related to the story.


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