Stories that make us think

First of all Happy Pre-Christmas time,
it has started and this time is wonderful. But now I want to talk about a book that reallly made me think of what life is about. And that life is too short to ever worrying about all sorts of stuff.

This is a book that I’ve read a while ago but it still makes me think. Much of you may know the movie but I preferred the Book.
The Fault in our Stars is a book where it’s almost impossible not to think of life and to take Life as it gets because it’s so short sometimes. This Book is about life and Death and taking the bad things as good things.

Hazel Grace Lancaster is a 17-year old teenager who has cancer in her lungs but hates cancer books and Support Group. Her constant friend is an oxygen tank. And the only reason she goes to that Support Group are her parents. But once as the destiny wants it she meets Augustus Gus’ Waters who is new in Support group. He’s an 18-years old guy and had bone cancer so he lost half of his right leg. The two of them share a passion that brings them toghether and they fall for each other the way you fall asleep, slowly and then all at once. This passionis the Book An Impereal Affliction ( for all who want to know this book doesn’t exist in real). They manage it to write the author Peter van Houten, because he didn’t finished the book like a normal author would. He ended the book in the middle of a sentence. They have a special love and they don’t let themselves down. Not in the most difficult situations of life, not when all seems hopeless, never.They really never give up. They take life as it gets because they know it could end every minute. They know it could get worse at any second.

I really want to say that we all should never give up. I know this is a story, but this happens in real life too. People die because of that. And that’s why we should be ourselves and live the life we have.
Read this book and think. And cry when you feel it. I really cried weeks after it and thought about Death and Life.
Read that book and think. This is really important I think. And most of all never give up. Whatever happens.


Okay? Okay.


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