One perfect summer

Hey Guys

This is again a non fiction book but this time it’s a heartbreaking love story.  It’s about Alice Simmons and her true first love. Alice is 18 when she first meets Joe Strickwold. This is her first real love and with him she has her first time. But this love isn’t supposed to hold on for a long time. This brakes her heart. She can’t enjoy life for one year. Her studies are her one and everything where she concentrates on. Then she meets another young student. That is her second love but the problem is that she can’t let go of her first real love. Sure Lukas is nice and handsome and he has a rich family. But he is not Joe and he is jealous when there’s just a flirt or something little. Years after that she still thinks of Joe and now he’s there in a way that she can’t reach him. A way they both never would’ve imagined. Is there a chance that she can be with him till the end of her life? Read it and find it out. Heartbreak for sure. I promise you who love that sort of book. It’s funny and just wonderful.  Enjoy it and be in that world where love is the greatest thing. Bye


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