The Spectacular Now

Hey Guys,
I know I haven’t written much lately but I will. This is again a non fiction book but that’s okay I assume. It’s a young adult book about an 18 year-old High School Student who let’s say really likes to drink alcohol and believes in living in the moment. His name’s Sutter Keeley. The only problem of living in the Now is that you don’t have plans for the future and that can hurt people. His Girlfiend doesn’t like the Idea of living in the Now and brakes up with him. But how could Sutter know that was the best thing that could happen. He meets the not-so-typical nice Girl. Aimee Finecky,that’s her name, finds him in the morning when he has drunken so much that he went somewhere in the Yard and fell asleep. At the beginning Sutter sees her as a girl he can help out because she’s sometimes too nice. He teaches her to stand up for herself. But as the time goes by he falls in love with her and she falls for him too. And then she helps him too, she helps him to drink not so much. And he even goes to the Prom with her. He even asks his mother for the Phone number of his dad. But his father is an alcohol loving, selfish and rude man. That takes his hopes down. Can Aimee help him now that he is shattered or can he help himself? Read the Book and find it out. I loved the book because it was so lovely, beautiful, funny and a bit sad. I think this is Life. And this is what we have to deal with. This book will change the way you see life in some way. Anyways this book is helpful in some ways because you can see that not everything is bad what you think is bad but also that not everything is good what you think is good. I just want to say that this Book helps you look at things different. Forget everything what you had to do and read that Book.

And don’t juge a book by it’s Cover


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