The Good Luck Of Right Now

Matthew Quick’s New Novel

This isn’t a book like all the others that I’ve posted yet. It’s a non-fiction book about life and philosophies. Although it is an adult book I really enjoyed reading it. It’s about Bartholomew Neil whose mother died with seventy years old and he has to live on his own. He’s 39 years old and never had a job but caring for his mom. He’s a bit special, like Forrest Gump. When his mother dies he finds a letter from Richard Gere to China because of the Problems in Tibet. His mother thought the letter was written to her but it was an official letter. When Bartholomew finds the letter he thinks he has to write him. And also because his mother called him Richard and he pretended to be him. There are many Special characters in it. It’s a mixture of Buddhism and Catholics. Bartholomew has to deal with the new situation but he has a grief counsel and Father McNamee from the church and old family. It has so many feelings in it that you have difficulties with the characterization of the main Character. Well it’s about different ways to see life. And about the grieving process. A beautiful novel with life and Death and happiness. Enjoy reading this beautiful, lucky, charming and sometimes sad novel. It’s perfect for a rainy day with a warm blanket in a wing chair. Let you be enchanted by this brilliant novel. And believe in The Good Luck Of Right Now. For all Buddhists out there, there are also many Koans in it. Read it, love it and feel it in your whole body.

Find your way and try to understand people like him. And whatever happens be yourself.


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