The book Insurgent

Hey Guys
Who ever read the book Insurgent will never be the same again. I read it and I was so thrilled and my heart was pumping so fast I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Well obviously I didn’t but that’s not the point. Insurgent is the second book of the divergent series. Tris has lost everything who she used to love and she did terribly wrong things that will haunt her forever. The world full of peace that she used to know is now nothing but a dream that she had and then lost when she woke up. Things happen that she can hardly believe. Once the war has begun it’s more difficult to hide herself. She did things that no one can ever forgive. She can’t even forgive herself. So where’s the sense of life. Can she ever live normal without being haunted by her grief. She has to sacrifice herself that is clear but how? Read it and find it out. Forget whatever you had to do and then read the book till you’re finished with the really last word.

Be brave Tris


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